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08 Serie Alternante

Welcome to the Learn Channel with Oscar Valdez In this video we will address the criteria for the convergence of an alternating series. On this occasion we will present a series of videos related to the infinite series and convergence criteria, I leave you the link of the playlist here: We also leave at your disposal a support material for Series and convergence criteria that will help you to apply various processes to determine if a series converges or diverges: We also share the link to our integral calculus course in case it is useful to you. COMPREHENSIVE CALCULATION COURSE: We will upload content as much as possible and complementing with support materials, hoping that they will be useful to you, SUBSCRIBE and activate the campaign if you want to receive notifications receive notifications when new content is released, Thank you. Adapted from: Zill, DG and Wright, WS (2011). Early Transcendent Calculus (Fourth Edition ed.). Mexico, DF: Mc Graw Hill.

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