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Anderson Silva has a record of 13 consecutive fights in the UFC. | Photo: Dave Mandel

At 36, Anderson Silva has accumulated many achievements to list. Already considered by some to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time, the UFC middleweight champion will defend his crown against Yushin Okami – the last man to defeat him, albeit by disqualification – in the main event of UFC 134, at Saturday at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Few, if any, lived the dream like Silva. The most dominant UFC champion of all time, he recently signed with 9ine, a sports marking company owned by Brazilian football legend Ronaldo. In addition, Silva signed sponsorship contracts with Nike and Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, in addition to a promotional contract with Burger King. He took MMA to a new level in the mainstream Brazilian media.

In this interview with, Silva talks about his next rematch with Okami, the long-awaited return of his friend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, the possibility of moving up in weight, the dominance of light heavyweight Jon Jones, with 205 pounds, and the secret behind what keeps you motivated after almost five years as a champion.

Silva: It’s all about Rodrigo. Everyone loves him. We are an extension of the work he has been doing for years. Everyone likes him so much that we’re helping him succeed in his next fight
[against Brendan
Schaub at UFC 134]. At the same time, we help each other in our own struggles, focusing on Team Nogueira’s victories and victory. We are working hard to achieve this.

Silva: Absolutely. Ever. Here I am at home with friends and it is totally different. We are a family here and we are always helping each other. Without a doubt, my preparation is better here.

Photo from Yushin Okami’s archive

Okami won by DQ in 2006.

Silva: It is not true. Every athlete who has a chance to fight for the UFC belt is well trained and prepared, so it is necessary to remain firm and focused so as not to be surprised. Okami always arrives well prepared, so I’m training hard to make sure people get it right when they say I’m the favorite and come back with the result we hope to achieve – a victory. I am always trained and motivated.

Silva: I don’t know if they are training together or not. I just know that I am training and training a lot. I am looking forward to having a good fight and please the Brazilian fans. I don’t have much to say. I just train and do my job in the octagon.

Silva: He looks very good in training; he’s catching everyone. He looks fast and agile. If you fall for his game, you’re done. Rodrigo is the greatest example of overcoming the adversities of life that I have ever had. Everyone is excited about their fight. I am even more excited and concerned about his fight than mine. When he started physical therapy [after his hip and knee
surgeries], we don’t think he would be able to go back to 100 percent and fight. In training, he shows the opposite, as he is even faster and more agile than before. We all hope that he wins his fight. Your victory will be our victory too.

Silva: My focus is on staying at middleweight. I had the opportunity to fight at Pride [Fighting Championships] as a light heavyweight, and I also fought there in the UFC – to prove myself and see what it was like. It was great, but I don’t have that ambition. Sure, it’s all about negotiation, but my desire is to stay in the middleweight.

Silva: Oh, Jon Jones has a good momentum. I think he is getting better and better as an athlete and always shows some development and better technique. It is evolving a lot. For me, today, I don’t see anyone who has enough to beat him. Of course, nobody is unbeatable. He is overcoming adversity and learning every day. He’s a guy who really adapts to all kinds of techniques and has everything he needs to keep the belt for a long time. He is reigning with his weight and exceeding all expectations. He has been absolutely superior in most fights so far, but when you become a champion, the pressure changes. He now has to live up to a champion’s responsibilities and deal with the pressure to succeed as a champion. I hope he knows how to handle it, because it is not easy.

Silva: You have to be focused and remember where you came from, where you are and where you want to go. The focus is very important. My team and I got here, although many people never thought we would reach that level. We have always been very humble, listing and respecting all coaches, always observing and studying all opponents a lot. I think this is the way: always work hard and always be motivated to do the job right.

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