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911 Call Prior To Luis Peña’s Domestic Violence Arrest Released – MMA Root

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An audio recording of an emergency call that led to the arrest of Luis Peña for domestic violence over the weekend has been released.

Luis Peña was arrested last Saturday on domestic violence and battery charges after allegedly punching his girlfriend (Jamie Driver) and another woman. This is the second time this year that Peña has been charged with assault crimes against a driver.

On Thursday, TMZ released the sound of a driver’s emergency call. Here is some of what was said during the call:

“I didn’t try to knock, but because my boyfriend wants to be an asshole, he got his hands on me and he has to go,” Driver told the emergency dispatcher.

“He punched me in the face. But, I did it too 2 days ago, I have a mark, I have a plaster on my back. I have everything to prove it, so I would like the police to come and get him so I can take my things and go to hell. ”

Driver mentioned that the police had already answered a previous call about this incident, but they didn’t answer because they didn’t want to “knock.” After the situation continued to escalate, she said she had no choice but to call again, willingly to fully cooperate if that’s what it takes to get Peña out of the house.

“We have a contactless order, so technically we don’t even have to live together,” Driver said. “I really need the police to come and get him out now. I have all the bruises and bruises from him, I need him to leave. “

“I’m done and I need help please.”

Following this latest incident, the UFC decided to remove Peña from its roster. He participated in the promotion for three years, during which time he set a record of 5: 3.

MMA news will keep you updated as more information becomes available about this evolving story.