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“A blow that does not turn you off does not exist” – Błachowicz about the pain during the fight

Jan Błachowicz

Jan Błachowicz he has come a long way from the day he started training martial arts to the moment he became the UFC champion. Today, he is at the top of the sports world and shares his story and thoughts with his fans.

Jan Błachowicz, the UFC light heavyweight champion, does not hide that today he does not only approach combat and training in a completely different way than at the beginning of his sports career. He often says that he is preparing for the duels more wisely, because he already knows his body and body very well. Also the celebration, for example after such a clash with Israel Adesanya, is different than before. In the text written for the WP Sportowe Fakty website, Błachowicz introduced the fans to what it looks like.

Once, after such a fight, you went to a sharp afterparty. Today I am young, I fulfill my media duties. One-on-one interviews for large stations, press conference for others. Two hours and back to the hotel. We sit, drink a beer, talk, fatigue is slowly catching up. It starts to hurt more and more.

Jan also talked about how he feels pain during the duel.

My old coach, Eugeniusz Mandrysz, used to say: “A blow that does not turn you off does not exist.” He was right. In a fight, the adrenaline is so great that if you don’t get a knockout or break your leg, you fight. Pain is normal, it’s natural, you have to accept it. Of course there is “pain” and pain. I happened to fight with a broken arm. I felt nothing. Sometimes the effects come even two days after the fight.

Jan Błachowicz started his MMA career in 2007. To date, he has fought 35 fights. He won the KSW and UFC championship belts. It is not known when he will defend his title of the American organization for the first time, but as he himself announces, it will not happen until March 2021.

In his last fight, the Pole defended the championship belt by defeating Israel Adesanya, and now he is getting ready to fight Glover Teixeira, which will take place in September. For Jan, it will be the second defense of the light heavyweight championship belt.

Glover Teixeira has been undefeated in the UFC octagon for five fights. In the last three matches he won with Nikita Krylov, Anthony Smith and Thiago Santos.

Teixeira does not hide that the fight with Błachowicz will be his last chance in his career to win the championship.

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