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A Review of Prehistoric Times Magazine (Spring 2012)

Review of Issue 101 of the Prehistoric Times Magazine

Prehistoric Times, the magazine of dinosaur fans and model collectors begins its next issue with an edition that balances the latest dinosaur replica news, fossil discoveries and discoveries with some thoughtful retrospectives of Charles R Knight’s inspiring artwork, a countdown of the top ten battles always a dinosaur cinema and a great insight into the efforts of fans of the original King Kong film to recreate a lost scene from the film. This quarterly publication will be of great interest to collectors and makers of dinosaur models.

The front cover shows some of the stunning painting of Tyrannosaurus rex in confrontation with Triceratops. The artwork was created by Charles R Knight and the full mural can be seen in the Field Museum, Chicago. Charles R Knight was one of the most important and influential illustrators of prehistoric dinosaurs and animals in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries. His murals and other artwork can still be seen on display, providing a dropback of the fossil exhibits in several major natural history museums in the United States. Prehistoric Times pays homage to his pioneering art efforts and features an interview with Richard Milner, author of a new book highlighting the contribution of the great man to the prehistoric animal representation.

Could some dinosaurs climb trees?

All the usual exercises, letters from dinosaur fans and collectors, updates on new replicas and dinosaur models, as well as some brief descriptions of the latest fossil discoveries include the second part of the excellent article “Tree Climbing Theropods” written by Tracy Lee Ford. In this thoughtful piece, the author asks if some dinosaurs could perch, how did they get into the trees in the first place? In addition, there is a detailed feature of one of the most famous Lambeosaurine Hadrosaurus – Corythosaurus, a dinosaur called “Helmet Lizard”. This dinosaur was named “Helmet Lizard” after the strange, bony badge that stood on top of his head. There is also a special section containing the Cretaceous, toothed Hesperornis seabird.

Most Popular Dinosaur Movie Battles

Linking to the magazine’s social media activities is a rundown of the ten best dinosaur movie fights ever as suggested by readers and the third part of Invicta’s dinosaur story researched and written by talented English designer Anthony Beeson.

Packed with more things to inspire a dinosaur than a palaeontologist’s backpack after visiting Lyme Regis at low tide, Prehistoric Times is an essential read for dinosaur fans and dinosaur model collectors.

Creating Part of a King Kong Original Film

Of particular note is the interesting but too brief article on the dedicated work of a group of King Kong enthusiasts who are busy recreating one of the never-before-seen lost scenes from storytelling into the finished film – the famous “Spider Pit” “scene. After the giant ape throws them into a field, the terrible men survived the fall; a battle with a great set of terrible monsters. After discussing the original 1933 movie with colleagues, we feel that the scene was not added the last film ever as it was thought to be too moving.I’m sure some fans of the science fiction movie will be eager to see the finished result.

I hope to hear more about the work of King Kong fans in future issues and for the time being in issue 101 of the Prehistoric Times there is more than enough to keep the most enthusiastic palaeontologist happy.

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