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Abigail Montes serves Claressa Shields her first MMA loss at PFL Championships (Video) – MMA Root

Abigail Montes serves Claressa Shields her first MMA loss at PFL Championships (Video)

Newcomer to MMA Abigail Montes has the honor of handing over boxing Olympian Claressa Shields her first defeat in MMA when she defeated the Shields by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) during her main card of the PFL Championship on Wednesday, October 27 in Hollywood, Florida.

Read the full play-by-play below.

The Shields vs. Montes started slowly with the women exchanging kicks to open the round. Out of nowhere, Shields unloaded a barrage of strikes and then tightened with Montes in the cage. Montes had her arms completely around Shields and then reversed the position by putting Shields’ back on the fence. It seemed that Montes was trying to get the boxing champion to the canvas, but Shields did not have it. People were not and did not begin to disapprove of the lack of action with just over a minute left for the first round. The round ended with the Shields against the cage and Montes landing hard on the right.

In the second, Montes started to pepper Shields’ legs before the Olympian got rid of the blows and they tightened again. The Dejavu of the first round almost in T. This time Shields, with her back in the cage, was able to hit Montes’ head which slowly led to a better position. They got lost and exchanged shots again, and the two women got into their own hard shots. Montes went for the removal and finally lowered it by putting Shields in the center of the cage and then leading her to the fence to do a better job. On her back, Shields was full of ground and pound, something she knew about in her MMA debut. Shields tried to return to an upright position, but with less than a minute left on the ground, she could not come off the clinch, so it was nothing.

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In the third, potentially with a round piece, both girls were looking for a finish or at least a dominant round. Shields came out hot, bringing Montes to blows and putting her on her butt for a while. Montes came together and put Shields back in the clinch, controlling her hands. The shields broke from the walls of the cage to trip over Montes and separated. With just under three minutes left in the round, Montes lands in a huge takedown, putting Shields on her back in the center of the cage. The crowd began to buzz again. The round ended with Montes at the top, landing small but effective hits to Shields, who could not respond back in time.

Going to the scorecards, Montes is the clear winner in the MMA Weekly scorecards.

Shields entered the cage for the second time in her new career in MMA. She defeated her first opponent after overcoming a storm when she secured a third round of Brittany Elkin TKO in June.

Montes was looking for its third consecutive victory, having secured consecutive victories under the banners of iKon Fighting Federation and Combate Global in the past.

This match was not part of the six league matches, but it did get a top charge anyway due to Shields’ followers in martial arts.

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