Alexander Romanov Defeats Juan Espino in Foul-Shortened Affair – MMA Root

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It certainly was not the way Alexander Romanov envisioned extending his professional 14-game streak.

The Moldovan remained unbeaten in the UFC at ESPN 22 in an unusual way, taking a technical decision against Juan Espino (10-2, 2-1 UFC) in a preliminary heavyweight competition at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on Saturday night. The match came to an abrupt end 1:05 in Round 3, when Espino gave Romanov (14-0, 3-0 UFC) unable to continue after a random knee in the groin landed from his position. As a result, the match marked its position: Dave Hagen and Tony Weeks saw it 29-28 for Romanov, while Chris Lee submitted a score of 29-28 for Espino.

Early on, the match was about which heavyweights could take advantage through the rebounds and steals. Romanov undoubtedly recorded the most important moment in Round 2, when he took first place and defeated the winner of “The Ultimate Fighter 28” with heavy punches and elbows. Espino seemed to be on the verge of stopping, but the Spaniard finally managed to survive until the final turn.

There, Espino made an early abolition and then pushed Romanov into the fence when “King Kong” returned to his feet. After the foul fell, Romanov spent the full five-minute recovery period on the canvas before informing the cage doctor that he could not continue.

Returning to Penne Edges Godinez

Jessica Penne was successful in her first appearance in the Octagon in almost four years, as she won a tough fight to triumph over former Legacy Fighting Alliance champion and BTC Fight Promotions champion Lupita Godinez. Referees Michael Bell and Derek Cleary saw it 29-28 for Penne (13-5, 2-4 UFC), while Rick Winter submitted a score of 29-28 in favor of Godinez (5-1, 0-1 UFC).

When the fight was in range, Godinez landed more effective combinations with more power than Penne, but all too often, the former Invicta Fighting Championships winner was able to entice her opponent to win. One of Penne’s best sequels happened in Round 1, when he sent an attempt to break the deadlock and jumped on Godinez’s back, where he spent almost two minutes. Penne also took her enemy back in Round 2, and although Godinez was never in serious danger of submitting, she could not do enough to swing the scorecards in her favor with a strong push in the third round.

Meerschaert puts Fabinski to sleep

Make these 24 career submission wins for Gerald Meerschaert. The 33-year-old Roufusport spokesman used one of his specialties to beat Bartosz Fabinski, putting his opponent to sleep with a guillotine drowned at 2:00 in Round 1 of a lightweight case. In the victory, Meerschaert (32-14, 7-6 UFC) broke a streak with two defeats.

The fighters spent the first moments of the battle fighting for position. When Fabinski (15-5, 3-3 UFC) tried to change levels for removal near the fence, this allowed Meerschaert to lock in a guillotine. From there, he moved to the prop, then adjusted the grip while hooking his legs around his opponent. Fambinski did everything he could to break the grip of his enemy before he became unconscious.

Hubbard wears out the newcomer Bush

Elevation Fight team spokesman Austin Hubbard overcame a strong start from the Dakota Bush to make a unanimous decision on a light case. All three cageside judges cast 29-28 votes in favor of the former Legacy Fighting Alliance.

Bush, who accepted the fight in a week’s warning, came out swinging with heavy skin in the first round and was successful with his left left hook, a couple of combinations and kicks to the calf. However, his energy dwindled in the last 10 minutes as Hubbard (13-5, 3-3 UFC) landed and put his opponent on many occasions. Bush (8-3, 0-1 UFC) showed resilience trying to get out of bad positions, but did not have enough left in the tank to seriously threaten Hubbard.

Birchak is seriously ending

Dana White’s Fighter Series, Tony Gravely, won the Octagon’s second consecutive victory as they defeated veteran Anthony Birchak, who had traveled well with a technical knockout in a bout. The end came 1:31 in Round 2 when Gravely (21-6, 2-1 UFC) reacted with a low kick with a left hook to throw Birchak (16-8, 2-4 UFC) and bounced for two continuous hammer to finish.

The biggest betting favorite on the card, which he played seriously. During a frenzy, the representative of the American Top Team threw his enemy with a straight right hand, secured many removals and almost forced a break with heavy ground and pounds from the top position. Birchak’s best moment came when he was severely trapped in a tight guillotine, but could not hold the compression long enough to get a tapout.

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