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Aljamain Sterling mocks Yan and Sandhagen: “Daddy was so proud of his kids today!”

The final duel between Petr Yan and Cory Sandhagen evoked a lot of emotions, mostly positive ones. Aljamain Sterling, who did not hold a grudge against them, made a statement right after the duel.

Conflict petra sideways with (16-2) Corym Sandhagenem (14-4) served as joint main event past UFC 267. Competitors fought the entire 25-minute distance, after which the judges unanimously declared that the former had won, thereby securing a provisional trophy. The duel itself was filled with spectacular actions, therefore, in the eyes of the representatives of the organization, the heroes deserved a cash bonus.

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Immediately after the conflict, the current owner of a full-fledged belt became active on his social media – Aljamain pound (20-3). He decided to comment on his struggles, which was met with the dissatisfaction of the fans, who remember very well the conditions under which he reached the championship.

“Dad was so proud of his kids today! The best episode in the UFC!”

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It is currently unknown when “Aljo” will return to the UFC octagon. However, if we take into account all the negative emotions that have arisen between him and Yan – the second fight is almost a guarantee of an incredible show.

Source: Twitter/Aljamain Pound

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