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Mike Perry couldn’t go to sleep last night with the world thinking that Jake Paul “kicked his ass.”

After Jake Paul did brief work with Ben Askren in his highly publicized boxing match on Saturday, top-ranked UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier suggested that Paul face Mike Perry next. While many other names were ruled out as Paul’s next potential opponent, this idea caught Paul’s attention enough for him to issue a response in video form.

In this video, Mike Perry said, “You kicked my butt” to Jake Paul at the end of what appeared to be a tough training session. Paul captioned the video stating that Perry was “a light job.” Perry responded to these comments by initially sharing why he chose to train with Paul and stating that his performance improved in the later rounds of the session.

Mike Perry shares his own video of the sparring session

Mike Perry would then issue another response later with a video of his own showing a short clip from the now infamous training session. You can watch the uncut video below.

In the video, Perry could be seen landing a combination with a cornered Jake Paul and then continuing to apply pressure to the YouTube star. Perry said this under the video in a tone that was far from friendly.

“The only clip we have. Go ahead and post something from @jakepaul, I took your best photos and I accompanied you all day. We all know I’m not hard to hit, but I’ll focus on that now. You know there was no danger in boxing a fighter last night and you gave me a chance to punch you in the face (and I did) and I respected it, but you confused it and it’s my fault.

“Platinum” Mike Perry

“I show up with my girl and my baby so as not to bring drama. I show up and fight. I was a fan after you fought me. You showed heart and you are already successful and you seemed to have a strong team (power in numbers) but you are a spoiled brat and I am rich in life. You’re broke with a bunch of fake yes men around you that you pay for. I don’t fuck with anyone and all the money in the world can’t make you real like me. “

The last time a sparring session attracted so much attention and controversy was the highly publicized footage shared by Conor McGregor of a session with Paulie Malignaggi. This match took place before McGregor’s boxing match against Floyd Mayweather in 2017. Like this situation, there were different stories of what actually happened. Malignaggi frequently asked McGregor to post the full footage of the training session, but he never did. We’ll see if Jake Paul takes a different path and decides to accept Mike Perry with his suggestion to post more images from this fateful night.

Did Mike Perry’s footage from the training session change your perception of this story in one way or another?

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