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Anderson Silva Reveals When He Plans On Retiring From Competition – MMA Root

Anderson Silva has set a target age for when he will retire.

This Saturday, September 11, Anderson Silva will return to the boxing ring after an unsuccessful victory over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in June. Silva stunned the world with this victory, not only because a very proven and experienced boxer participated in it, but also because Silva managed to do it at 46 years old.

Silva often spoke of his desire to keep fighting, even when the outside world thought it would be better for him to hang up. After defeating Chavez, he confirmed his decision to continue the competition, which raises questions: when exactly will Silva retire? Is he going to retire someday? Or does he want to follow Nate Diaz’s anti-retirement plan and keep fighting indefinitely?

In a conversation with TMZSports, Silva revealed the answers to these questions (h / t MiddleEasy).

“My goal is my last fight (when) I’m 49. 49 – this (when) I’ll finish, I guess, but I don’t know. But this is my goal, to fight for another three years, and I am ready. 49 is the number, ”Silva said. “Maybe I can fight more, but now my goal is when I turn 49, I will stop fighting. I don’t fight anymore. But I don’t know, I’m in good shape. I am so excited to go to the gym every day, to the Spider Lab and learn something new. “

Anderson Silva has been in MMA for a total of 23 years. This Saturday, the fight against 46-year-old Tito Ortiz will be his fourth professional boxing match. Silva currently holds a 2-1 record as a boxer. His last MMA fight took place in October 2020 as a result of a TKO defeat to Uriah Hall, his third consecutive UFC defeat.

What kind of fights would you like to see Anderson Silva, be it boxing or MMA, before he hangs up his gloves?