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Anderson Silva’s coach calls for Mayweather fight: ‘It would break all pay-per-view records’ – MMA Root

Anderson Silva’s coach calls for Mayweather fight: ‘It would break all pay-per-view records’

Anderson Silva’s switch to boxing has opened up a variety of matchups for the great MMA, including a possible showdown with legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This is according to Silva’s boxing coach Luiz Dorea, who recently spoke to AG Fight about Silva’s next potential opponent. The former UFC middleweight champion is coming off a first-round knockout victory over Tito Ortiz last weekend that set the fighting community on fire.

While some have called for Silva to fight players like Jake and Logan Paul, his boxing coach believes “Spider” should push for a showdown with “Money.”

“We have the ‘new normal’, with the YouTuber brothers, with millions of followers, trying on and promoting themselves a lot. It’s very important. The brothers talked about him and Anderson is ready for anyone. But I think the only fight that should happen was between Floyd Mayweather and Anderson Silva. One of the best boxing athletes against one of the best MMA in the world. Floyd faced Logan Paul, who doesn’t have much boxing experience, in an exhibition match. I think I could make a deal. These fights against YouTubers can also happen, because Anderson wants something to motivate him. We will have good news soon, ”said Dorea.

It is unknown at this time if Mayweather would ever be interested in fighting “Spider”. Silva certainly has the track record to justify a matchup between the greats of combat, but he’s much bigger than Mayweather. “Money” comes from a boxing match against a yoked Logan Paul, but the social media star’s skills aren’t even close to Silva’s.

That said, money does the talking. If Mayweather believes that a fight with Silva will generate enough income, then it is something that will certainly entertain. According to Dorea, a boxing match between Silva and Mayweather would be absolutely huge and something to behold.

“It is my wish and yours (this fight). We have great respect for Floyd Mayweather and he is one of the greatest boxing athletes in history. He tested himself against a heavier YouTuber than him, so why not Anderson Silva? It would break all pay-per-view records. We would like to do. It has everything to do. “

What do you say, fight fanatics? Is it Silva vs. Mayweather a showdown you want to see?

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