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Another Doctor Dismisses Theory On How McGregor Broke His Tibia – MMA Root

Another sports medicine doctor is not convinced by a theory about Conor McGregor’s tibia fracture.

McGregor headlined UFC 264 alongside Dustin Poirier. This was a trilogy fight and the score was even at 1-1 going into UFC 264. Poirier emerged victorious in the trilogy fight, defeating McGregor via stoppage of the doctor in the first round when McGregor suffered the injury. on the lower leg.

There have been many theories about McGregor’s injury. Some point to pre-existing leg problems as the reason for McGregor’s tibia fracture. Others blame Poirier’s marked leg kick, which “The Diamond” believes is the real cause.

Dr. David Abbassi recently dismissed the idea that McGregor had stress fractures prior to UFC 264. Abbassi has served as a front-row physician for the UFC, Bellator and ONE Championship.

An interesting case that has been presented is that the shin of the “Notorious” came into contact with Poirier’s elbow after a kick, which finally caused the tibia to break.

FanSided reached out to Dr. Rand McClain, who specializes in sports medicine and has treated numerous athletes. He dismissed the idea that McGregor’s injury was the result of his shin coming into contact with Poirier’s elbow.

“With the alleged kick to the elbow, if you look closely, over and over again you don’t have to be an expert to get a great view. That was an indirect hit and it didn’t really hit the elbow, it’s more on the inside of the arm and it wasn’t enough energy or strength, you can see there wasn’t an abrupt stop. It’s so obvious if you look at those two scenarios (the other is a marked kick) on video, that’s not what happened.

“It seems that he twists his ankle because of the fracture and loses his balance. And of course the basic physics takes over and rolls it sideways and probably to jump to the next question you’d be asking me: what was it? It’s hard to say, but it could have been cumulative. These are fighters and there is a lot of contact with the tibia in multiple parts of the body that could have led to a weakening. “

McGregor has undergone successful surgery. He will be on crutches for a few weeks.