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Anthony Johnson criticizes Paulo Costa’s stance: “He wants fame and glory effortlessly”

Paulo Costa’s weight loss problems have already been commented on by many players. Among them was Anthony Johnson, who was consistently unable to meet the limit.

Costa to face UFC Fight Night 196 Marvinem Vettorim. Initially, it was decided that the fight would take place at a weight of up to 195 pounds, but in the end it was light heavy, ie. up to 205 pounds.

So the UFC came in very handy and was commented on by “Rumble”, who admitted that Costa’s approach was an exaggeration:

“I missed the line three times when I fought for the UFC. Even though I felt it would be a tough effort at first, I was still trying to gain some weight and I wasn’t like that lazy bastard who relies on normal weight. Costa seeks fame and glory effortlessly. You can call me what you want but even me that’s it. I had no excuse.”

He also advised that if he was having such a hard time losing weight, he should stay permanently in the light heavyweight division, which he had barely achieved.

źródło: Instagram/Anthony Johnson