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Apocalypse … wrestling! Francis Ngannou defeated Ciryl Gane!

No change to the heavyweight throne! Francis Ngannou defeated Ciryl Gane in the UFC 270 nightly challenge!

In the final battle of the gala UFC 270 Anaheim Francis Ngannou (17-3) retained the heavyweight title and failed for the first time in his career. cirylowi gane (10-1).

Ngannou immediately took the print, but Gane countered with a takedown attempt. The fight has come to a point. Cameroon did well. The French broke the bar over time. Ngannou immediately jumped to his feet under the pressure. Shot by gane lowking. Francis entered a clinic for a takedown. They both wrestled for a while. Gane tore the arm. As he stood up, Gane crashed into several quick straights. Ngannou deciphered powerful bombs, once even breaking his opponent with a blow to his body. Ciryl hit the body with a clever spinning top. The pace of the fight slowed down a bit. Ngannou didn’t push that hard anymore. Gane got into trouble and Ngannou sought a takedown – but again to no avail. After a while, the fight hit the distance, where Gane hit the body from the front. Both players were breathing hard, but the Cameroonian was breathing harder.

Gane started with a side kick to the body in the 2nd round. Players exchanged lowking. Gane evolved with more, followed by a 1-2 combo. Ciryl messed up the setting regularly. Ngannou is already visibly tired, his mouth wide open. He didn’t know how to shorten the distance. It fell firmly, but only for a moment. Fight in the middle – Gane was covering his opponent – he attacked the legs, torso and head with a spinning top. Over time, the pace of the struggle slowed down. The French were running to the side and Ngannou had no opportunity to clear the hits.

Gane punched for the opening of the third round but was scolded by his chin. The French tried to get another kick in the head, but Ngannou stopped him perfectly and knocked out his opponent. Gane squirmed, and in time he stood up by the fence. Both players stayed on the field and wrestled there furiously. The Cameroonian attempted another attack, but the French defended themselves by putting their opponent on the fence. With a minute and a half to go, Gane tore the sill with his spinning elbow. But the French were also breathing very hard. Ngannou kicked low, but Gane was kicked in the head. The Cameroonian began wrestling and again knocked out the attacking French with a kimura – but he was unable to roll his opponent and finished the round on the bottom.

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Ciryl started the fourth round better, kicking torso and legs. Ngannou made a plea to the corps. Gane hit him on the head with an apple. A terrifying spinner in the body of a Frenchman has achieved his goal. Ngannou is not very active. Gane charged from the front again. The Cameroonian went to wrestle and… after a short accident knocked the Frenchman off the net! Gane tried to lift Ngannnou’s leg, but kept his position dominating, focusing on control. At the end of the round, the Cameroonian finally let go of his hands and dealt a few blows.

Gane hit Ngannou hard to open the final round – a dash elbow and a strong right sickle. Finally, Gane… plunged into his opponent’s blows and knocked him down in the middle of the octagon. But the French made the cruel mistake – and rolled – into the sky in search of a hideously twisted pair. He chose Cameroon’s leg from his back but couldn’t get him to caress it. Francis went upstairs, focusing on control.

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