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Will Conor McGregor ever follow in the footsteps of names like Rhonda Rosie, Ken Shamrock, Kane Velazquez and most recently Junior dos Santos into the world of professional wrestling? Consider a story published on this day two years ago that explored just such a possibility. The following article is presented to you in its original, unchanged form, courtesy of the MMA news archive.


Conor McGregor does not rule out the possibility of escaping to WWE after leaving the UFC.

McGregor is one of the most controversial figures in mixed martial arts. While some have argued that McGregor’s star power is declining due to losses, inaction, and legal issues, many still believe that he is the UFC’s biggest star. WWE chief executive Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H, hasn’t hesitated to express his desire to one day invite McGregor on board.

Conor McGregor talks about possible WWE launch

McGregor spoke with Ukrainians about the sponsorship event. Notorious said he is ready to move to WWE after he ends the UFC.

In accordance with ESPN’s Mark RaimondiOn Wednesday, McGregor was asked about his post-UFC future. He mentioned Hollywood and “maybe WWE.”

“I’ve had a little bit of disagreement with these guys over the years,” McGregor said, referring to the various WWE superstars he talked nonsense about when promoting his fights in the UFC.

McGregor has not competed since October 2018, when he was introduced by Khabib Nurmagomedov. Notorious has not won a battle since November 2016. McGregor was in talks with the UFC for a comeback in July, but the deal never materialized.

The former UFC champion is in trouble with the law. McGregor was reportedly charged with assault following a pub incident in April when he hit a bar visitor. The New York Times recently reported that McGregor is under investigation for a second sexual assault charge. The report notes that McGregor has not been charged with either of the two sexual assault charges.