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Hours before Paulo Costa slips into his cage tonight to face Marvin Vettori, the Brazilian discusses how he managed to secure a massive pay rise in the UFC three years ago. The following article is presented to you in its original, unchanged form, courtesy of the MMA news archive.


When Paulo Costa began his UFC debut with two consecutive TKO victories over Garrett McLellan and Oluwail Bamgboz, the UFC was eager to renew his contract. However, Paulo Costa, realizing his worth, decided to be more ambitious about his future in the promotion and take a chance on himself (Via MMA Fighting):

“The UFC called me to renew my second fight after I won by knockout at UFC Rio. They called me, which is unusual, ”Costa said during UFC media day on Tuesday. “I had a contract for four fights, and I thought, ‘Well, they see a different value in me.’

“I asked for a large amount. They said, “This is a lot more than we usually pay, so let’s make a deal.” They offered a fight to Hendrix, and then we will negotiate. I said, “Okay, but after that I’ll ask for more.” They made this bet with me. If I lost the fight, (the number) might have been less than they suggested. “

“I won and asked what I want earlier, we had several negotiations and renewed the contract.”

Paulo Costa ended up getting more than he originally asked for, “more than $ 100,000,” Costa says, and Costa is still gazing at his future:

“We have to go step by step,” Costa said. “It’s hard to imagine four steps forward. I thought it would be fast, but with the moment when the division passes and I show my superiority in battles, it was faster than the average forecast. But before, I did not predict how much I want to earn.

“The fighters cannot be contained, they are too modest,” Costa continued. There is no humility in a fighting game, ”he continued. “If you’re sure you have to say it, otherwise you’re fake if you believe in something and say no. I think it’s important to show who you are. People want to see it. Nobody wants to see a loser, everyone wants to see someone who believes in himself and proves that he is right. “

Do you think other fighters should follow in the footsteps of Paulo Costa and play for themselves instead of getting guaranteed cash?