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It was October 16, 2014, and Rhonda Rousey was the UFC bantamweight champion and leading the world. Here is a story from the same date in original, unaltered form from your MMA News friends, a leading source on MMA News since 2002.

On this day seven years ago …


During her performance on Showtime’s Jim Rim, UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey told her why she thought pretty girls were better at fighting sports.

“These are the ones who are not beaten,” said Rosie. “If you think about it, if someone is all gnarled and you say, ‘Oh man, they’ve been through a few battles,’ it’s like yes, they suck! They were simply hit many times. If I look good, then I am probably the best fighter. “

Elaborating on a comment she recently made about her feeling, she was close to death in past battlesRosie said, “With Liz Carmouche, I thought I could definitely die. I blocked the throttle and she turned it into a neck lever. I felt my jaw dislocated and I thought I’d rather break my neck than lose this fight. “

The undefeated UFC champion continued: “I would rather die than lose. I know this feeling so well. It’s not like I’ve never lost. I lost at the worst time, so I know what loss is. That’s why I want to win so much more than these other girls. It seems to me that I am dying. I’d rather die. “