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“At some point I’ll get the money” – Francis Ngannou on his transition to boxing

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Francis Ngannou does not hide that he wants to receive more money for his fights in the UFC organization, and the French do not exclude the fact that in the future he will go to a boxing match.

UFC heavyweight champion will defend his belt against cirylowi gane (10-0) at UFC 270, but in this fight he will win much less than his boxing counterparts. Cameroon recently appeared on the program MMA Timewhen asked if he is satisfied with the fact that players like it Tyson’s Fury if Deontay Wilder they get much bigger payouts.

This MMA is harder than boxing. I feel like I don’t need to borrow money for my bootcamp. At some point, I’ll go and get that money. I will definitely go to this box… I am not questioning the system, I am just stating my opinion.

said Ngannou.

At this time, Ngannou must focus on preparing to fight Ciryl Gan. This match will take place at UFC 270, scheduled for January 22.

source: MMA Time