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ATV’s and UTV’s Are Fun And Can Save Lives Too

Most of the time when you think of an ATV or an All Terrain Vehicle you think of a handful of kids rolling through the back hills racing and jumping and playing tons of fun but did you also know that it can these ATVs and UTVs save lives?

The market for ATVs has expanded because there is a whole new target market outside of the emerging hobby. More and more health and emergency incidents are happening in remote areas that are not easily accessible to people and are opening the doors for ATV manufacturers to design more off-road vehicles with life-saving characteristics.

Across the country, there are police units, firefighters and medical staff using ATVs and other off-road vehicles to help fight fires in remote areas, evacuate injured people in areas that are simply accessible by full-sized vehicles and search for refugees who are a refugee of them took the chase on the road. Whether these issues are in national parks or in a dense desert, these specially made ATVs and UTVs are certainly doing the job for our emergency personnel.

Companies across the US are taking action screaming to expand their wares in this new sector. Companies that once worked on equipping full-size vehicles with emergency equipment are now turning to smaller ATVs, UTVs and other OHVs (off-road vehicles) that can be retrofitted with everything from lights and sirens to custom colors and GPS. Other companies are working on trailers and towing equipment that can be retrofitted for ATVs including water tanks and foam shooting machines to fight fires and flat beds with stretchers specially made to carefully remove injured pedestrians from areas remote. The possibilities in this new market are endless and companies are constantly expanding in this field with new ideas every day.

For the local firefighters or emergency medical teams, these new off-road off-road vehicles are God-sent addresses. In many rural areas, these emergency crews not only serve the usual neighborhoods of the towns but are also tasked with serving the remote wooded areas that are sometimes inaccessible. Search and Rescue groups are also helping in these areas and the newly designed ATVs are certainly helping these teams access the people in need no matter where they are in the back country.

The bottom line is that our country is so vast that there are many places on the outskirts of towns on the outskirts of the back country where people will go to play and work and emergency teams need to have the right equipment for the job. If a 250-300lb man needs medical attention in a deep wooded area, it is no longer necessary to put 20 personnel into the woods on foot as these specially made OHVs can do the job now. ATVs and UTVs are no longer just for racing and playing, they are also saving lives every day.

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