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Autism-Individual and Group Mind Reading, Telepathy, FC, ESP, and Altered States of Consciousness

Telepathy, consciousness, higher forms of thought – these and other forms of instant, deep, inclusive communication are all part of my reality. My teachers are nonverbal children and adults with autism. My challenge is to understand and explain the process of communication between us. My dream and passion come together with people who are willing to open themselves up to these wonderful people – to learn from and share with them. And I hope, along with everyone who wants to be with me, to resolve the issues raised by means of a communication that is not yet easily understood.

I started using this process years ago when I was a class teacher for children with autism. Almost immediately, the students amazed me with their natural ability to transform their energies and communicate on a soul level. Over the years, I have realized that most of my students with limited speaking ability have divided this gift into varying degrees. Many of them also showed with real accuracy, by picking the right word card or typing an answer, that they were able to find my words pathologically. Right now, when I accept it, it is still a work in progress to assume that I am transcribing their telepathic messages accurately.

The process I use is like directing or obtaining information from higher realms of consciousness. Much of the material I find, though not all of it, is mysterious in nature and speaks of universal truths such as love, unity and interdimensional cooperation. So instead of going straight to spirit, I share consciousness with my autistic mediators, whose expanded state of consciousness opens doors to comprehend higher levels of consciousness.

My job in sharing consciousness with these wonderful people is to promote or facilitate communication. Facilitated communication (FC) is a process in which the facilitator provides physical and emotional support to the nonverbal person. A hand or arm is usually in the form of a hand or arm, along with the more subtle emotional support that accompanies it. But I believe that the often forgotten relationship has a telepathic and energetic component. The close physical contact and concentrated focus of the CC process helps to form a shared awareness. By merging thought forms and synchronizing brain waves and sensory systems, the impersonal person becomes better able to understand physical reality. In return, the process of consciousness sharing gave me, the communication facilitator, an ever-expanding understanding of the universe.

Often, I didn’t have the time to facilitate individual students, so out of sheer frustration, I started sending telepathic requests to people, inviting them to be conscious of me one evening from my home. First, I used the process to ask specific children what they wanted to learn and how I could help. I also began to ask them as a group, rather than as individuals, when I was hoping for a more universal or spiritual answer to my questions.

Below is a transmission I received from a group mood telepathy session about the telepathic process itself. I have done some very little editing, and until I am confident that my ego or other forms of thought are not mixed with the communication, I will continue to share the author and responsibility for the transcribed material.


Can you tell me about group television?


Telepathy creates an autistic group mind field of force to shift quantum understanding so that it can be interpreted in a linear format. It allows random particles to align to create pictures or thought forms that can then be described with words. Much, but not all, is lost in translation. For a fuller clarification, consider a funnel. The expanse of quantum experience is poured into the top of the funnel. It is slowed down as it passes through the spout into the conscious mind. At present only partial understanding is possible, because that is what the self-conscious can absorb. The more eager the recipient is to subconscious awareness, the more he will be able to understand.

The breadth of constrained subconscious expands the conscious mind. As the spout continues to expand, more of the subconscious comes through, deepening the understanding of concepts lost to those with controlled language. It speeds up the process if you are allowed to share ego restrictions and your subconscious with people with severe autism. When you exercise this ability, your understanding of Consciousness is deepened.

Autistic mental telepathy sees more of our individual and collective journey. Open your heart and ask to be conscious of them. Recognize the flow between the conscious, the subconscious and the super-conscious. They are ready to help but will not give you as much as you allow or are able to understand. We are at home in the subconscious and super-conscious states we know of. By blending energy with us, your funnel spout expands, resulting in a stronger flow of information and an improved understanding of our respective state of consciousness. Your ego-dominant reality becomes more understandable to us as states of change and knowledge just become more accessible to you.

Shared knowledge or telepathic fusion of energy involves mindset, connection of souls, partnership of merged energy particles. It requires a shared vocabulary and an open awareness that the mind is separate from the body. The mind or soul exists before childbirth and after death and depends on the body for language-based expression. As the scope, breadth, and depth of non-word-dependent information develops, the mental inclination above the subject is to create a unified cohesiveness, magically, magnetically, and resistant to external disagreements. Mutual consent, trust and expectation are essential for the occurrence of “subconscious communion”. It is a cordial connection that makes telepathic communication automatic.

The participants involved merge. Together they send, receive and interpret the data and respond to them. When listening to or receiving information from higher forms of thought, it can be disruptive, and distorting because the person most attached to his conscious mind can become dominant without knowing it and in unbeknownst to himself. Know when to lead and when to follow. It takes confidence and profound practice. Focused resolution, calm calm recovery, and mutual focus help the flow continue uninterrupted by external forces. Equilibrium is created as a “unified field” of thought particle search and clings for [the] words for speech.

The sense of subconscious blending waves of thought between mind and mind is not. There is no going back for explorers of evolutionary communications who have experienced the process.

Nonverbal souls, often diagnosed with severe autism, maintain their connection to higher realms and teach the process to those who are open and willing to learn.

If you are one of those souls who are inspired to let go of your preconceived notions and go out with others to openly explore and discuss all aspects of these phenomena, I would love to hear from you.

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