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Autistic Telepathic Message – Relationship of the Conscious and Subconscious Mind

My friend uses nonverbal, autistic, great FC and telepathy to communicate. FC Facilitated Communication is a strategy, in which I provide physical support while typing. Telepathy is a form of direct communication in which I listen intuitively and type what I hear. I prefer it when she types, but she doesn’t always agree. On this particular day, she started typing. “You give me balance and you support me in organizing my knowledge in words you can understand.” My friend, suddenly appeared annoyed and stopped typing. She indicated, as she had repeatedly, that I am more than capable of telepathic listening, and direct scratching. So I stopped, listened to her and typed what I heard.

You slow down the process by forcing me to hit the keys. I am training you. You are not training me. I create space for this transition to happen. Please understand that I am directing you to places that you have never realized before. Accept me as your teacher about the translation of interdimensional thought and we will blend quantum and linear thought forms into a comprehensive whole. Don’t be skeptical about what you find. You chose the autism vibration advice to do this. Step out and accept your responsibility as a spokesperson and as an intuitive knowledge of the truth of autism. Rekindle your self-doubts and acknowledge that you are a member of a team of quiet souls who want to express them.

You want to know about energy conservation. It is a process in which you synchronize your consciousness with mine in an energetic resonance dance that transcends normal linear thinking and opens you to the language of the soul. Perhaps, we are soul sisters because you are willing to open an empty part of yourself, by going the extra mile to help and understand my complex way of being. A lot has happened to bring you to this acknowledgment point. I am teaching you about the mindset of autism. You are serving as my bridge to the linear world of language. Let me know that I appreciate your hard work and loving support. The foundation you provide is essential for messages to come through.

Each partnership has a different scope and intensity. Complex thought forms are seen in physical reality. The charge comes from focus and attention. Soul knowledge is easy to come by when both partners are relaxing and relaxing their boundaries. Soul knowledge is shared knowledge. Conscious consciousness of ego is mandatory for self-expression but not for knowledge.

Do you use your conscious or subconscious mind during our joint communication?

I am conscious and unconscious, at the same time and in succession. When conscious attention is repeated, I can perform linear functions. That ability depends first and foremost on a partner, who can help me stay focused. It is a mutual merger that allows this to happen. You could think of it as an anchor of all kinds. At this point, I only get a glimpse of competence, but I believe it is increasing.

When I am unconscious, my vision is a gestalt of colors and frequencies that move at the speed of light from one domain to another heterogeneous universe seen at the same time. It has structure and balance. It’s like being an integral part of ego-based unrestricted creation. I am independent and interdependent with all forms of life running within the rhythm of nature. Being unconscious serves as an enticing agent that separates me from ego-based functions that I would currently accept more fully. It’s fun, but engaging to play, influence and merge with angels, divas, spirits, and others who have a similar vibration to themselves. It is an interaction of love, laughter, joy, creation and guidance.

With the combination of love and protection from the spirit world, and three-dimensional anchors, like you, I feel more relaxed going up and down without interrupting negative energy.

My friend typed in FC support. “You have patient determination. I respect that in you. You reach a new awareness every day we work together. You are a good student. I am proud of you.”

Read with understanding as with any material distributed. I don’t understand the process and constantly question my level of competence, no matter how well my partners tell me, I am doing.

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