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Becoming a Bail Bondsman

Your bonds are those sustainable and authentic approaches through which you can easily earn a living while living in North Carolina. you are advised to familiarize yourself with the laws, rules, regulations and licensing, if you are interested in increasing your occupation, or employment opportunities in the region such as bail bonds. There are some points that need to be kept in mind.

You must meet and comply with the residency requirements. You must have six months of continuous residency in the state of North Carolina.

You need to download a bail bond application form or visit the insurance department in the state of North Carolina to take the form. Then you need to have a sponsorship appointment with the company as the company only considers those applicants who hold the appointments. You need to get a pre-licensed bond class. To check the details, you can, call the particular department or visit the insurance department website. You must also attach some of the supplementary documents to the form such as money order or check such as application fee, photo of applicant, fingerprints, proof of residence, valid copy of driving license, certificate of criminal certificate etc. After completing the details, you must submit the application form to the insurance department. After this, you need to go through a bond bail written exam. If, if you do not pass the test, you can reapply for a license one year from the date you took the test.

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