Beneil Dariush didn’t think Elon Musk callout would actually work and then he woke up to a Tesla – MMA Root

Post-fight discussion is one of the main elements of interviews with athletes after a major victory, but instead of mentioning the names of potential opponents after defeating Tony Ferguson at UFC 262, Beneil Dariush decided to use the time allotted to him to target Tesla CEO Elon. Musk.

According to Dariusz, he ordered Tesla last December, and almost six months later he was still waiting for the assembly line to provide him with such a car, so he used his public platform in a pay-per-view broadcast to ask Musk about his highly anticipated car.

In truth, the lightweight contender was just having fun and didn’t even expect Musk to notice – until he did.

“It’s incredible,” said Dariusz MMA Fighting. “I really didn’t expect him to answer. I really didn’t. I just didn’t think he would be like this on Earth, I have to be honest with you. “

Less than a day after the victory, Musk replied to Dariush with messages: “Soon, sorry for the delay!” and then he loaned the car to a UFC fighter until his real car was finished.

Needless to say, Dariusz was shocked, especially considering the reaction he initially got for using his post-fight interview after what is arguably the biggest win of his career to ask about the car he ordered.

“Giga [Chikadze] was like “bro, what are you doing?” Why are you calling Ilona? I didn’t seem to know. I waited half a year, wanted to take it off my chest, ”Dariush explained.

“Then the next day Giga, maybe I’ll call Ilona too! It felt so good for me. It really worked. I have to be honest with you, Elon and Tesla are great right now. “

Dariusz originally ordered a car for his wife as they were expecting a baby and he read all about Tesla’s huge safety features, which is why he wanted this particular car.

So far, it looks like Dariusz and his family are enjoying the ride on loan until their real car arrives.

“Great. It’s really nice. It’s a really good car,” said Dariusz. “It was mostly driven by my wife. The best way I can explain it is, it’s like driving a smartphone. It’s so different from a regular car. We need to get used to it a bit. this, but I’m glad we try it early.

“This car was way ahead of its time. This whole generation was ahead of its time. ”

Now that he has a new best friend with one of the richest men on Earth, Dariusz would be delighted to have the opportunity to meet Musk in person at one of the future UFC events.

Considering Musk is now on the board of directors of Endeavor, the parent company of the UFC, this seems like a real opportunity.

“As far as I understand, he is now a major shareholder in Endeavor, so if Elon wants to come to the UFC fights, he is more than welcome,” Dariusz said. “I would be very grateful if he came to my fight.

“So, if this is what Elon wants to do, God give him health, more strength.”

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