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BKFC 18 results: Luis Palomino calls out Jorge Masvidal after title win – MMA Root

Luis Palomino continued his undefeated streak in the bare-knuckle competition with a dominant win over Tyler Goodjohn to retain the featherweight title at BKFC 18.

Now 4-0 under the BKFC flag, he bled Palomino Goodjohn and delivered a powerful hit that threw the British fighter off balance for five laps. By the time the fight was over, Palomino was more than enough to win the fight as he swept all three referees with 50-45 scorecards.

Afterwards, Palomino decided to turn his attention to an old foe and the “BMF” champion he defeated in 2010 by split decision.

“It’s gratifying that I hurt this man,” Palomino said of his fight with Goodjohn. “This man has an unbeatable professional boxing background in England. He came here to hunt me down. He came here alone. I respect Tyler Goodjohn for that.

“I want to continue to challenge myself. Jorge Masvidal, if you want your rematch… I’ll give it to you in the boxing ring.”

Before the celebration call, Palomino got off to an incredibly quick start to the fight with a series of heavy punches as he tried to smash Goodjohn’s high guard. Palomino was throwing solid combos with straight punches and big hooks trying to get past his opponent’s defenses.

On the track, Palomino also linked up with a few hard uppercuts that seemed to throw Goodjohn off balance as a cut opened above his eye. In response, Goodjohn backed Palomino with a well-placed straight left that eventually got the featherweight champion under their feet.

While Goodjohn wasn’t backing down, Palomino linked up with better accuracy and power, including a strong left hand that has repeatedly caused trouble to the British fighter. Palomino grabbed the neck and caught the empty uppercuts that had caught Goodjohn over and over.

Late in the third round, Palomino really started ramping up the damage with some rumbles, including a bad left hook that flipped Goodjohn’s head back.

Despite Goodjohn’s best attempts to get back into the fight, Palomino displayed quick footwork, throwing quick, hard punches in succession after entering and exiting range. By the time the fight was over after five rounds, Goodjohn’s left eye was completely in disarray but still raging until the last bell.

At 40, Palomino has become one of the faces of BKFC, and while it seems unlikely to see Masvidal standing across the ring anytime soon, he definitely puts himself in a position for another big fight whenever he makes the reservation. its return.

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