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Bobby Green apologizes for loss to Islam Makhachev, explains why he doesn’t want another UFC main event – MMA Root

Bobby Green apologizes for loss to Islam Makhachev, explains why he doesn’t want another UFC main event

Bobby Green suffered a setback at UFC Vegas 49 after trying to take on an incredibly tough opponent like Islam Makhachev just 10 days prior, but he still felt the need to apologize for not living up to his performance expectations.

The fight ended swiftly after Makhachev landed his first takedown in the first round, went through Green’s guard, and then overhanded him until referee Herb Dean stopped the fight.

“Guys, I did my best,” Greene said at the UFC Vegas 49 post-fight show. “I’m so sorry for all my fans. I promise you, I will live to see this. I just put it together. I did everything I could for you.”

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the situation, Green still felt overwhelmed because he didn’t have time to put up a fight before Makhachev ended his night.

“This is the first time I have been pulled out like this. It really sucks,” Greene said. “I know I’m putting it together. I did everything I could. I got up from the sofa. I’m still on a roll from my last fight. I did my best with what I had.

“I really just wanted a chance to at least check on the guy. I wonder what you did. I think I know what you’re doing and I understand what you’re doing now. So if we ever cross paths [again]I’ll be ready for it.”

Two weeks ago, Green took the win at UFC 271 in Houston before quickly turning around to fight Makhachev as a replacement for Beneil Dariush, who suffered an injury that forced him to pull out of the tournament.

It wasn’t easy to prepare for a fighter like Makhachev with no real time to prepare for the fight, but Green couldn’t help but be impressed after they met on Saturday night.

“He’s so patient and so strong, and he just goes little by little, little by little, little by little, until he gets where he wants to be,” Greene said. “So I tried to roll over a bit and when I did he went into the saddle and he was so strong at holding his steed that I thought that eventually I could try to get and turn and I couldn’t get out of it . Nobody has ever been this strong before.

“So I have to get into strength training and my muscles to get strong for this division.”

Despite the result not going well, Green was praised for his willingness to take advantage of the opportunity after there were many calls for him to get his first UFC Main Event since his recent win over Nasrat Haqparast.

Given the outpouring of support he’s received, Green could easily land another headlining spot in the near future – perhaps next time with a full training camp – but he may actually need some convincing.

According to Green, he really didn’t like the waiting game that comes along with the main event slot as he sat backstage watching everyone else compete while he ended up being one of the last two people to set foot in the octagon. .

“Can I be honest? Not [I don’t want another main event]!” Greene said. “I know my guys don’t want to hear that. [My manager] Jason [House] gosh, I’m having a baby now, but that was so long ago!

“I just want to fight and get it over with. Put me on the main card at least, I’ll open it or something like that. It just took so long. I want to fight, get it over with and have fun.”