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Bodylastics Review – MMA Training System

The Bodylastics team seems to have other resistance bands to offer for the very active fitness market, this time mentioning this set of MMA, which may have been hot lately. Not just because of the fight or pull of the fighters, but because the MMA workouts are very effective. Does the MMA Bodylastics Training System have something new to offer? Let’s try to answer this now.

First of all the value for money you get with a Bodylastics package is always very large, it is cheap enough to get a complete home gym system so useful that you can train all muscles at any angle, and anywhere. So it was interesting that there was something more to add to the MMA training system here.

In fact, this new set of resistance bands is the biggest in terms of tension: up to 388 pounds of resistance, just like the Mega Resistance Family Edition. But this time it includes an extra pair of ankle straps and more importantly the Anywhere Anywhere. This is where the real deal is.

While almost every fitness band brand has used the ability to train anywhere as a main selling point, Bodylastics goes another small step. The Anywhere Anywhere can be really connected anywhere, including outdoor trees with trees for example. All other sets have door anchors and therefore you needed a door to attach these.

The Anywhere Anchor is also a training zone! so you can attach your body to it and gain resistance to your whole body. Then try to do your other physical exercises and pull your body in the other direction. This is a whole new story and adds more flexibility to the package.

You get more speed, strength, explosion and power by training with the Anywhere Anchor. This is great for MMA workouts but not only. If you want to be fit and increase the intensity of your workouts to a point you have never met before, then the new set of Bodylastics is for you.

Also, if you already have a set of corplastics, you’ll be happy to know that you can get the Anywhere Anchor separately for less than $ 17 at the time of this writing! This will allow most people who want to try out some Martial Arts workouts to easily upgrade their equipment.

Bodylastics MMA Training System is highly recommended for those who want the ultimate home gym equipment wherever they go and train anywhere.

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