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Boxing Coach Expects Clash of Styles Between Anderson Silva, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. – MMA Root

After leaving the UFC, Anderson Silva signed a contract to face Julio Cesar Chávez Jr. at a boxing match on June 19 at a soccer field in Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico.

Eleven years before the former world boxing champion, the 46-year-old former UFC middleweight king brought boxing coach Luiz Dorea from Brazil to take care of his training.

“We will have 11 weeks until the race, which will be in weight (182 kg) in 8 rounds of 3 minutes. “If Chavez has the age advantage, Anderson has the size advantage,” Dora told

The boxing coach sees the fight as a clash of opposing styles.

“What I like about this fight is that it will be a clash of completely different styles,” Dora said. “Cesar Chavez is a tough guy who likes to close the distance, put his head on his opponent’s chest and use crosses, hooks and upper cuts in battles, while Anderson has movement and distance control as his differential. , using more piercings and straight punches “

Dorea believes that senior Julio Cesar Chavez, the father of Chavez Jr., is the MARKET of boxing and is excited that they are training against him.

“For me he is the best boxer ever. “It will be such a great honor to face my idol in the opposite corner,” said Dora.

Dorea also discussed the revolution that has been caused by YouTube personality Jake Paul in recent months, thanks to the viral knockouts of former NBA player Nat Robinson and, more recently, former Bella MMA and Ben Askren’s title holder .

“What this kid did was good for both boxing and the MMA world,” Dora said. “Anything that attracts more fans to the sport is really positive, but of course he is very smart and knows his limits. Askren is a wrestler. If he is facing a fighter with real boxing experience, such as Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, for example, who is retired but was a Pan American boxing champion, there is no chance of him lasting more than four rounds, even with retired Rogerio.

In closing, he offered some positive news about Junior dos Santos, who was recently released from the UFC after a long tenure.

“He got offers from boxing and MMA and good news will come soon,” Dora said. “All I can say is that I would love to see him play in both. But let’s wait and see. “

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