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Cat Stop – How to Control Your Pet from Fighting With Others!

If you are looking for some useful ways to prevent your cat from fighting then I can easily help you through this article. I know it is quite annoying and disturbing when your cat is fighting a lot, especially when you come home after a day and tiring and when you see your cat fighting with other cats. I also had a dozen cats in my house and they used to fight a lot but I came up with a special plan that really helped me control my pets from fighting. Here are some tips that will help you easily get rid of this problem.

Appropriate Separation:

If your cats are fighting then you have to separate them at any cost. The first step you need to take is to feed them at different timings and in different bowls. Whenever they are nearby try to separate them because your top priority is to splatter or spray them with water so that they feel like fighting pain or irritation. You can also provide separate baskets and houses for your kittens where they can live and sleep without any hesitation.

Treat Your Cats While Fighting:

You need to treat your cat in a way that obeys your commands and instructions. Whenever you feel that your pet is succeeding, try to treat them well so that they try to get used to staying together to get more deals from you.

Lastly, if you are looking for better solutions for your cat’s behavior, search the issues on the internet. I bet you can find some good websites that deal with various pet issues. You can also find some useful materials and instructions on my Web site on how you can teach your cat to stop fighting; all you have to do is follow the links I mentioned below.

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