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Charles Oliveira Downplays Chandler’s Skill Set Ahead of UFC 262 – MMA Root

Charles Oliveira is very confident that he will become the new UFC lightweight champion on May 15th.

In the main event of UFC 262, Oliveira and Michael Chandler are ready to fight for the vacant lightweight title. It’s a fight many experts don’t know who will win, but for Oliveira, he doesn’t think Chandler has the skills to beat him.

“I will respect it, but I will walk forward all the time,” Oliveira told MMAFighting. “If he comes to hit me hard, he will eat a counter. We both walk forward the entire time. It will be two trucks colliding. I’m not afraid of getting hit. Hit me. If he knocks me down, I’ll do what I love the most, which is jiu-jitsu. I don’t care if I stay on my feet or get knocked over.

“All he has is a heavy hand, a heavy punch,” Oliveira continued. “I am complete on the feet and complete on the ground. The only thing he’s got better than me is wrestling, but I’ll use my jiu-jitsu if he tries to fight me, so I don’t mind. “

Charles Oliveira
Credit: Jason Da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Although Oliveira believes that all Chandler has is a right hand, the former Bellator lightweight champion has more skill than that. Before being known as a KO artist, he was a fighter, but it is unlikely that he wanted to deal with Oliveira, who has a great running game.

Chandler is also confident of knocking out Oliveira in the first or second round. However, the Brazilian knows that if he gets out of the first five minutes, he will be successful for the rest of the fight.

“That’s his strongest round, he comes for all or nothing in the first round,” Oliveira said. “He has great power with his hand. If you walk forward and you don’t have the correct strategy, he will drop you on his back because his first round is strong. We have to respect him, he was the Bellator champion and he’s fought big names, but I’ve also fought big names, I’ve had my ups and downs and won my last eight. “

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