Charles Oliveira Responds To Justin Gaethje Branding Him A “Quitter” – MMA Root

UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira hitting Justin Gotji after being branded a “loser” by The Highlight.

After more than a decade in promotion, Oliveira finally took UFC gold at UFC 262 in May. The Pre Bronx secured a spot in the vacant 155-pound title shot after a streak of eight victories, including victories over Clay Guida, Nick Lenz, Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson.

In the main pay-per-view event held in Houston, the Brazilian faced former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler. After overcoming adversity in the first frame, Oliveira recovered and recorded a TKO victory in the second. That being said, he reached the top of the mountain in lightweight division after 28 fights in the UFC.

Despite a hard win and a happy ending to the championship, not everyone was impressed. Speaking months after UFC 262, former interim champion Gotji suggested that Chandler had demonstrated that Oliveira was still “leaving.”

During the recent MMA Fighting podcast broadcast in Portuguese Trocação FrancaThe light king fired back. Oliveira criticized Gotji for his performance against Khabib Nurmagomedov and suggested that the 2nd place contender was simply trying to keep himself relevant because he had been out of the game for so long.

“He [Chandler] got a good hand, had the opportunity to knock me out and win the fight, but couldn’t. I went there and knocked him out. Justin Getji had the opportunity to fight for the belt against Khabib, and you all saw what happened, I don’t need to tell what happened. The ugliest fight I’ve ever seen in my life, he died so I have nothing to say. Do you know when a guy needs to talk to be the center of attention? For me, this is what happens here. He needs to talk to be the center of attention.

“On December 11, Charles Oliveira will fight Dustin Poirier, and if God wants me to win and continue with this belt, these guys have to win, they have to fight. If they fight and win, they can come. Tell them to come and see if I leave. They don’t understand that this is the new Charles, mentally, physically, and spiritually. They can hit hard, but can they take it when I hit them back? I’m the same Charles who doesn’t speak, I’m lying at the bottom, but these guys just want attention. And how are they looking for him? Justin Getjee hasn’t fought in a year? Everyone saw his last fight. It took a long time. What happens is that if you are not fighting, you have to talk, so he has to talk to get attention. “

Oliveira also challenged the claim that his title win showed his penchant for getting out of the game. He urged Gotji to earn a chance to get 155-pound gold and prove that the Brazilian himself can not.

“Michael Chandler got a good result and hit me hard for three minutes, he did the best he could and I didn’t quit. Why? I am in excellent condition morally, physically and spiritually, ”said Oliveira. “When I hit him, he folded. What they say doesn’t make much sense.

“Those who think I’m lazy tell them to make money, win their fights and come for it. Let’s see who leaves and who loses. But be prepared both on your feet and on the ground. Here’s what I have to say. No use talking, brother. If the conversation won fights, I would put a parrot in there to win fights, because no one talks more than them. I have a red macaw on my farm and he talks all day, so he wins everything. “

Oliveira will have a chance to prove The Highlight wrong when he defends his first title later this year. In the main event of UFC 269, he will face Dustin Poirier.

Who do you think will raise a hand at UFC 269, Charles Oliveira or Dustin Poirier?