Claressa Shields explains outrage over suggestion she fight on Jake Paul undercard: ‘That’s trash’ – MMA Root

Claressa Shields explains outrage over suggestion she fight on Jake Paul undercard: ‘That’s trash’

Claressa Shields has no problem fighting on the same map as Jake Paul. But she will in no way allow him to lead it.

Appears on MMA hourShields was asked about the comments she made at the PFL press conference in September regarding whether she would ever take part in an event headlined by Jake Paul, the star of boxing on YouTube. At the time, Shields warned that one could not “disrespect” her and that she would never fight on Paul’s undercard. She elaborated on this answer on Monday.

“What made Jake Paul so great that he became the main pay-per-view viewer on Showtime and I didn’t?” Shields said. “I have to fight under his command. The fact of the matter is, as if I really deserved my opportunity. They just give it to him. They are like, “Hey, you are Jake Paul, you have a million YouTube subscribers, you and your brother have to fight in the main event of Showtime.”

“It’s rubbish. I literally earned my place and was never given an opportunity. That’s what pisses me off. It’s not really Jake Paul, it’s more like how they dared to give him the opportunity that I earned. I fought six times in the main event of Showtime, all arenas on Showtime were sold out, and I still got “We don’t think you’re big enough to fight pay-per-view.” Get out of here. This is shit. That’s why I would never fight on the undercard of him or anyone else who didn’t deserve it. If they are not the world champion, Errol Spence, Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, Terence Crawford, even Shakur Stevenson, if they are not under their command, I will not fight under any other men’s undercard. “

Jake Paul and brother Logan have become two of the most famous boxers of the past couple of years: Jake recently won high-profile victories over former MMA champions Ben Askren and Tyrone Woodley, and Logan went the distance with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. an exhibition fight of eight rounds in June this year. Both Paul’s brothers’ recent fights took place on Showtime pay-per-view.

While Shields has become one of the biggest names in boxing today – and undoubtedly the most popular female boxer – the undisputed two-division champion and two-time gold medalist is currently focused on MMA. She makes her second cage appearance against Abigail Montes (2-0) at the 2021 Professional Football League Championship this Wednesday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Shields admitted that, as passionate as she is with her new vocation, it is possible that she would not have passed it if it were not for the higher pay and promotions that women receive in MMA. However, a call from UFC star Amanda Nunez also served as motivation.

“You are probably right about that,” Shields said when asked if she would have stayed in boxing with proper compensation. “But I also know I didn’t think about MMA until I heard Amanda Nunez say that she would get the shit out of me. As soon as she said that, it lit another fire in me. I have had girls who said something about me in boxing, but when Amanda Nunez said it, she not only said it, but could actually do it. She said she would get the shit out of me. She said she would never come with me to the boxing ring, but she would strangle me. I thought that at the point where I am, and in what I know, and how strong I am, I can still get there with her, and she can still strangle me. And it didn’t make me feel good.

“So she’s a big part of my motivation to become a mixed martial artist. Learning everything, being a full-fledged MMA fighter, not only relying on boxing but learning everything, she is a huge part of it because I actually love the way she fights and I wanted to fight her in boxing, but now I wanted to I wish I could get better enough so that I could decorate the cage with her, and I and she could fight, and I could see if she would strangle me. “

After defeating Brittney Elkins on her debut, Shields has been modest in her predictions when she looks to fight for the main title. Her fights are currently taking place outside of the PFL tournament system, but she hopes to take part in one by 2023.

Shields has made it clear that she is focused on winning the league championship first before seriously considering the Lioness fight.

“This is all just to become a PFL champion, let’s leave that first,” Shields said. “And then on the road to being a PFL champion by being good enough so that when people say Clarissa Shields versus Amanda Nunez, people don’t just say, ‘Oh, all Amanda has to do is go there, get up. to the ground and strangle her. “

“The goal is to say that it will be a very, very great fight between the two, and Claressa Shields has learned a lot in MMA and became a great mixed martial artist in three to four years, and she is taking a huge leap in her fight with Amanda. but the battle will be huge. This is what I want, this is the main thing, but first things first, to become good enough to become a PFL champion. Let’s not skip this part. “