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Conor McGregor claims he has the best ‘ground and pound’ in the entire sport of MMA: ‘I don’t miss’ – MMA Root

Conor McGregor claims he has the best ‘ground and pound’ in the entire sport of MMA: ‘I don’t miss’

Conor McGregor is not well known for his wrestling, but he still thinks his ground shots are better than anyone else in the sport.

While he continues to recover from a broken leg sustained in his last fight against Dustin Poirier in July of this year, the former UFC bi-division champion took to Instagram to advertise his brutal punching ability as he strikes his opponents from above.

“I have the best ground and pound in the game,” McGregor wrote. “My highest completion percentage isn’t really due to my standing horizontal arm from behind, as many assume. My highest finish win percentage is actually due to the accuracy of my vertical shots (you’re all new to vertical shots. Arm hitters. Ask the judge to stop him, hitters. Fall on yourself, hitters).

“I’m not bored [ground and pound]. I don’t shoot guns. I don’t fall. I hit the soft face, head and skull.”

While ground punches don’t always happen in wrestling, it’s much more common for a fighter to land a takedown and then start raining down punches on the opponent.

McGregor has only had five takedowns in his entire UFC career, four of which came in his second fight against Max Holloway when he suffered an ACL tear, forcing him to turn to his wrestling to secure the win.

McGregor also landed only 11.9% of his punches on the ground, with the vast majority of his time on his feet, where he landed 77.6% of his punches from distance.

However, McGregor tended to use his ground punches after having already crippled an opponent, knocking them to the ground, and then unleashing a flurry of punches until the fight was stopped. He has done this multiple times in his UFC career, most recently when he landed a flurry of punches that stopped Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in early 2020.

It’s unlikely that McGregor will suddenly start shooting double-footed takedowns when he gets back into the fight, but he’s adamant that anyone stuck underneath him in a fight will pay the price.

“It’s the way you saw people against me absolutely cut up,” McGregor said. “Looks like they just knocked some golf balls off the golf course. The skin is completely exposed. And my skin is like butter. Many times I didn’t even mess up my hair.

“That’s why a lot of these rat bags love to hate. I’m smooth as butter with it. The richest, the worst, the most unscathed.”