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Conor McGregor dares Dustin Poirier to meet ‘in the middle’ ahead of UFC 264 trilogy bout – MMA Root

Conor McGregor wants Dustin Poirier to stand up and face him in the center of the octagon as they fight for the third time this summer.

Their streak was tied to one win at UFC 257 in January this year, when Poirier avenged McGregor’s September 2014 TKO defeat in the second round. The two are now busy settling scores at UFC 264 on July 10th.

Unsurprisingly, preparations for the battle began long before the two recently fired at each other on Twitter. Turning to the eight-year anniversary of his UFC debut, McGregor recalled the hard work that got him to the top of the UFC mountain and promised to take the same approach to what he calls his “return of the fight” against Poirier.

When Poirier responded, McGregor noted that he felt Poirier “supported” their first fight and was the first to fight. He promised that he would be “in the middle from the beginning” if Poirier was ready for it, and that this time he would also be “ready for Poirier’s tactics”.

As for McGregor’s memories of the first fight, Poirier did take a takedown at about the 30-second mark of the first round. McGregor recovered and soon after, got the fight back on his feet and showed excellent play in the first five minutes before losing to Poirier. Poirier used crushing calf kicks to rip McGregor apart and hit him at 2:32 in the second round.

Poirier later responded to a fan who suggested he was lucky in the rematch, saying that “luck exists, but it makes you work.”

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