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Cormier: “As a top rider, Ferguson is finished”

ferguson cormier

Daniel Cormier, the former UFC two-weight champion thinks it’s time Tony Ferguson at the top of the light weight has come to an end.

Tony Ferguson, who recently lost another fight in a row in the UFC octagon, does not intend to hang his gloves on a peg or take a longer break from starts. However, Daniel Cormier believes that Ferguson should now fight a rival of a smaller caliber than the opponents he has faced so far.

I think Tony needs to take a step back, lower his rivals and then see what happens next.

In an interview with ESPN, Cormier also said Tony’s time at the light weight top is over.

As a top MMA fighter, I think Tony Fersuon is finished. Of course, he wasn’t losing to just anyone. He fought the best of the best. However, these are matches that Tony would normally win. He not only loses, but is dominated. Tony has lost 11 rounds in a row.

For Ferguson, the loss at UFC 262 was the third loss in a row. In the two previous matches, Ferguson lost to Justin Gaethje and Charles Oliveria.

Tony Ferguson has been fighting for the UFC organization since 2011. During that time, he fought 19 fights, won 15 of which he also scored 11 different bonuses, mainly for the fights and performances of the evening. On his debut for the UFC, he won the night’s knockout bonus.

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