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Covington Takes One Last Personal Shot At Masvidal & ATT Pre-UFC 272 – MMA Root

UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington wanted to deliver a final message to Jorge Masvidal ahead of their hostile matchup at UFC 272.

After months and years of rising tensions between Covington and Masvidal, they will finally have the opportunity to shine in the octagon in the UFC 272 headlining tournament. Former friends turned rivals fought a mental war over time, especially during the week of fights.

A chaotic pre-fight press conference for UFC 272 was followed by intense looks at the ceremonial weigh-ins. Covington and Masvidal met face to face for the last time before the long-awaited match.

An excess of security personnel and UFC President Dana White prevented both sides from engaging in a physical altercation, but the battle continued shortly after their faceoff. Covington gets on Masvidal’s nerves by referring to Masvidal’s private life and his ex-wife.

Just a few hours before the fight with Masvidal Covington took the opportunity to take the last shot to his rival UFC 272 along with his former trainer Mike Brown.

“Hey [Jorge Masvidal] you looked like a very nervous buddy…” Covington said. “Maybe you should try this little junkie Mike Brown’s favorite trick to take the edge off and fight GHB. Yes, I said GHB, but Brown also took HGH because he’s a brainless bitch like you.”

Brown is one of Masvidal’s head coaches and arguably the closest thing to a welterweight star. Covington accused Brown of being a drug addict in a pre-fight press conference and doubled down on his stance in this latest tweet.

Covington and Masvidal were teammates and friends at American Top Team in Florida. This was before the friendly relationship between them shattered after Covington’s alleged bad payout to the coach and a series of near-fights in the gym.

Brown recently confirmed Covington’s leak of Masvidal’s injury, which forced him to pull out of UFC 269. He was scheduled to face Leon Edwards, another of his arch-rivals.

Masvidal also recently shared a near-fight that took place between him and Covington at a sushi restaurant in Miami as their friendship deteriorated. After inviting Covington to dinner and possibly to a fight, Covington did not show up.

This is much more than a grudge match, as former flyweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk hinted. This is a fight between two of the biggest stars in recent UFC history, and Covington and Masvidal will be looking to put on a show at UFC 272.

What is your prediction for Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal?