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‘Cowboy’ Cerrone ‘heartbroken’ after latest loss but he will return: ‘I couldn’t let my legacy end like this’ – MMA Root

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone has some tough questions to answer after losing his fifth in his last six fights, but it’s not over for him.

After his original rival Diego Sanchez was pulled out of UFC Vegas 26 and then released as part of a promotion, Cerrone had to decide if he wanted to stay on the map against someone new or wait until a later date to compete again.

In the end, he decided to take on a welterweight fight against Alex Morono, replaced late, but Cowboy was ultimately defeated by TKO in the first round of the second main event on Saturday night.

“It’s just a tough day at the office,” Cerrone told ESPN after the fight. “This game can be changed, all it takes is one big chance. He hit me good, threw me back. Hit me with another. I heard my coaches say, grab him, and I don’t seem to know if I can grab three of them.

“The guy came hungry, ready, no excuses on my part. I was ready. We warmed up a lot, got out early, who knows. “

Despite his best efforts to dispel his reputation as a slow starter, Cerrone popping out of the gate also gave Morono the power he needed to play the matador on his feet and then fired back with a series of barrage counterattacks. A massive overhand right in one particular exchange put Cerrone on shaky legs, and just moments later, Morono put together a series of punches that forced the referee to stop the fight.

“I should have hit more for sure,” Cerrone said of his performance. “Should have been a little busier with my jab, but I knew he had big monsters on top. I tried not to be flagged by any of them, and it didn’t work. “

The emotion of that moment was hard not to overcome Cerrone, who entered the fray already with his back against a wall after UFC President Dana White had previously hinted that he might have to speak to the welterweight and lightweight veteran about his future after suffering. numerous consecutive defeats in a row.

This last performance doesn’t really matter as Cerrone continues to seek answers to end his losing streak.

“Undoubtedly heartbroken,” said Cerrone. “I don’t know. I don’t know what to say to you if it’s time. I don’t know. I don’t want to, but how I feel and how I perform are two different things. It sucks. Who knows. I wanted to going back to 55, these guys at 70 are hard, they are big guys, but as I said, no excuses. ”This child came in, he was ready.

“It’s definitely hard to break a streak, isn’t it? I need to break the damn streak because it’s cruel. I wish I could get answers, but I don’t know. ”

While Cerrone still believes he has the speed, strength and reaction time to deal with younger generations of opponents, he understands that in combat sports, time waits for no one.

However, Cerrone refuses to admit that he has already fought his last fight just because Saturday night didn’t go his way. In fact, Cerrone thinks he’ll know when it’s time to retire, even before he actually steps into the octagon, but he refuses to let the first round TKO be the final marker on his resume.

“Definitely not [my last fight]… Never. I will never go out like that, ”said Cerrone. “I will, I will know 100 percent [it’s the last fight] and I’ll come in and hopefully I’ll start tearing up my ass right away. I would never end up like this. I couldn’t let my legacy end this way.

“But I’ll call the boss and say, ‘Hey man, I know it was a tough couple of years, but when the time comes, let me go.”

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