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Damian Janikowski: “I’ll be back in the cage soon”

Janikowski Błachowicz omielańczuk

Damien Janikowski, who fought a duel in the KSW cage this year, has announced that he will fight again soon.

Damian Janikowski fought this year in March at the KSW 59 gala. As he himself announced some time ago, this year he would like to play two more matches. Now, on social media, he wrote that he would reappear in the cage soon.

“Workouts are like brushing your teeth. I don’t think about them, I just do. Or I’ll be chipped. The decision has been made. “I’ll be back in the cage soon.

It’s unclear when exactly Damian will appear in the cage, but a while ago, in an interview with, Janikowski said he would like to return to the KSW cage in September and then fight in December.

Damian Janikowski is currently on the wave of two wins. At KSW 55 he beat Andreas Gustafsson, and at KSW 59 he won with Jason Radcliffe.

Janikowski has been fighting at KSW since 2017. During that time he has fought nine fights, of which he has won six. Before the last two triumphs, he lost the match with Szymon Kołecki.

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