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Dana White reacts to Jake Paul’s UFC 261 run-in with Daniel Cormier, trashes ‘freakshow’ Triller – MMA Root

UFC President Dana White was surprisingly low-key about Jake Paul after the YouTube star crashed at UFC 261. He was less of a Triller Fight Club.

According to him, the first is “doing something right.” The last one is the “freak show”. The difference in his mind is that one makes the most of the moment, while the other comes up with non-existent things.

It would be uncharacteristic for White to destroy Paul, who had Daniel Cormier’s finger stuck in his face as he stood on the floor of the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena just outside the broadcast area and officials at the pay site. view the event. The UFC chief has previously attacked the Paul brothers for throwing punches above their weight. But after Paul’s third pro boxing win to knock out MMA star Ben Askren, he became more reserved.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this guy did a good job to make some money, man,” White said at a press conference after UFC 261. “So good for him. He makes you talk about him all the time and ask questions about him. Daniel Cormier is running after him, so he’s doing something right.

Separated by the bouncers, Cormier did not escalate further with Paul, who had previously made headlines calling for a two-on-two duel. It wasn’t immediately clear why the YouTube star chose to attend UFC 261 in person, but the response he received to the confrontation was instantaneous and unsuitable for the job.

Heels often make the biggest business in martial arts, so the question of whether White would be able to work with Paul was not unusual. But the UFC management quickly denied this.

“He knocked out an NBA guy who was 40 years old and 30 pounds less than he was,” White said. “I don’t even know what to think about Askren. All of this is damn overwhelming to me, but good for him. Take the money while you can, kid.

White respected Paul’s six-figure wallet, but he scoffed at the idea that the young fighter made millions more with a stated buyrate of 1.5 million for his fight with Askren, and the idea that what he did with Thriller would go to octagon.

“You know what’s going to happen to this guy – he’s not fighting in the UFC,” White said before grabbing himself. “You’re making me fucking talk about this guy again. He gets carefully selected opponents, and god knows what else is going on with this whole damn thing. There is a market for that. This is not what I do.

“People want to see it, which is great, and this guy will make a couple of dollars before the trip is over. I just don’t do it. What I am doing happened tonight. We sold this place tonight and it was packed and the numbers you hear were full of shit. They are full of shit. They didn’t carry such numbers. At all. Even pretty damn close. Today I am doing what happened here tonight. The best against the best. “

White had an almost perfect night in this. The entire pay-per-view card was one holy shit moment after another, he said, as the main cutscene ending and severe injuries took place in the octagon. The business is likely to be big if overall pay-per-view data are agreed with broadcast partner ESPN +. Talking about the upstart boxing league was not on his list.

“I don’t believe anything they say,” White said. “This is a fucking circus. None of this is real. Do you think any of that shit going on there is real? Come on dude. I built a real business here, a real sport. “

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