Dana White Responds to ‘Unprofessional’ Label From Junior dos Santos – MMA Root

Dana White sets out her perspective on Junuar dos Santos’ entry into the UFC.

Back in March, longtime UFC veterinarian Junior dos Santos was fired from the UFC. After he left the company, it was unclear what dos Santos would do next. He lost his last four fights with the troupe before graduation. Now dos Santos talks about his release and his feelings for the UFC.

Dos Santos recently made his professional wrestling debut. Having made a choice in favor of this path, dos Santos had the opportunity to talk about his former employer. In an interview, he said that the UFC was “unprofessional” and took advantage of it. Dana White responded to these comments.

“So Junior dos Santos said something the other day, that he’s upset, that I’m all about the money and how he left,” White explained to TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter. “Listen, how old is he? He is now in his 40s. He had a losing streak of four or five fights. And there comes a time and a day when I have to make a decision, when a guy keeps losing and he is at a certain age, this just isn’t the place to be bigger.

“There are tons of other places where you can fight and where you can make a lot of money. I mean, a lot of these guys, once they build and cement their name here, go to other promotions and make crazy money. And they feel good. This is how it works. “

Dos Santos isn’t the only one to have offended White and his UFC training recently. Fedor Emelianenko also criticized White for the fact that they only cared about money. As for Dos Santos, he will not be returning to the UFC and appears to be happy with where he is in wrestling. He was recently featured on AEW among several stars.

Do you agree with Junior dos Santos or Dana White in this case?