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Dana White talks middleweight title picture and not betting on Ben Asren – MMA Root

In an interview with TSN Aaron Bronstetter, UFC President Dana White spoke about a series of recent events that took place in the sports community last weekend.

White spoke of Robert Whitaker’s impressive unanimous victory over Kelvin Gastelm at UFC Vegas 24, who would be next in line to challenge UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya for the belt.

White agreed with Bronsteter that the rematch between Adesanya and Whittaker makes the most sense.

“One hundred percent,” White said. “All this will be determined, you know, what happens to these children in their personal lives? If we can do this fight, then this is the fight we will do. If not, we will do Vettori. “

White also said the fight is likely to happen sooner rather than later, as Adesanya is willing to return to the octagon in the near future.

“I think Israel is ready. I think Israel wants to fight this summer. He wants to fight there [in New Zealand or Australia], which we also want. I would like to compete in Australia or New Zealand. But it is still locked there. I can not go there and chase all my people. So let’s hope they open up or understand something else somewhere. “

After talking about the state of the middleweight division, White spoke about the controversial confrontation that took place between the light fight between Jeremy Stephens and Drakkar Klose that is supposed to serve as the key event for UFC Vegas 24.

Stephens gave Klose a hard push that led Klose to suffer from concussion and cervical sprain as a result of the whip.

White attributed it to UFC boss Sean Shelby not being close enough to separate the two fighters.

“Sean Shelby lost that. Sean, and I see it differently, I saw it on social media and I called him right away. I was with my daughter – I was in Orlando at the ESPN Cheerleader Competition. “I saw it happen on social media,” White said. “I called Sean, I was, Dude, where was your head in this? You know, he was hot and it’s Jeremy Stephens. He is wild. I mean, yes, we’re not there to look good and take pictures. We are there to make sure that does not happen. “

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White also touched on the fact that he does not bet $ 2 million on Ben Askren against Snoop Dogg.

At the end of the pay-per-view boxing thriller titled YouTube Sense Jake Paul and two-time world MMA champion and former UFC contender Ben Askren, Snoop Dogg was calling Dana White to pay him for a supposed bet.

White claimed before the event that he would not take the same amount of bets when he could get legal two-on-one bets.

“Not only would I not get paid when I could bet legally, but I am not going to bet illegally. “That’s exactly how we are clear, and the IRS and everyone else knows that I did not make a bet for a million or two million dollars, that I would never make an illegal bet.” “Number two, yes, I can legally bet in Las Vegas or with DraftKings at two to one [odds]. Why take it back? So no, no betting. “

While the backside will always be 20/20, one could assume that White was certainly happy he did not get that bet after watching Askren hit Paul in the first round.

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