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Diaz/Luque Likely Only Happens If Nate Re-Signs With UFC – MMA Root

Dominance MMA CEO Ali Abdelaziz believes that the fight between Nate Diaz and Vicente Luque will only take place if the former signs a new agreement with the UFC.

Talk of a Luque-Diaz clash continued for most of 2021. Until last month, the Brazilian insisted on a clash with the Stockton native. He first called for a match late last year after knocking out Randy Brown.

Nothing ever happened, the Silent Killer battling former UFC welterweight champion Tyrone Woodley at UFC 260 in March. Less than four minutes into Battle of the Night-worthy action, Luke presented the Chosen One with D’Ars’s chokehold.

Four months later, Luque faced up-and-coming challenger Michael Chiesa at UFC 265. Despite facing one of the best wrestlers in the division, the 29-year-old changed ground and secured another first round for D’Ars.

After his last win, Diaz’s 4th place welterweight name was on his lips again. Appreciating the veteran’s spectacular style and resilience, Luque fought a 10-round fight against the 36-year-old. Diaz demonstrated these qualities to the fullest when he last fought in June. At UFC 263, he faced Leon Edwards in the first five-round UFC titleless bout and off the main event. Despite being beaten all over the place, Diaz almost secured an incredible comeback thanks to a last-minute splash.

Assuming he was aiming for a December return to the Octagon, it turned out that the star timelines for Stockton and Luke fit perfectly. Diaz even publicly took up the Brazilian’s challenge in September, suggesting an official booking might be around the corner.

However, Diaz took to Twitter last week to break the news about the match. The Californian said he did not receive a contract for the fight, believing that there was probably a problem on Luke’s side. The Brazilian’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, has now discussed an uncertain booking. According to him, the UFC wants Diaz’s potential fight in the trilogy with Conor McGregor to be defended primarily by re-signing Diaz, who has only one fight left in his contract.

“Look, I believe Nate Diaz has one contract fight left,” Abdelaziz said to MMA Fighting. “I like the fight. I think this is a great fight. I think the UFC is a business, they want to make money, and I think Nate and Conor [McGregor] will bring them so much money.

“I think this is the only way the UFC will agree to have this fight take place. [is] if Nate re-signs with the UFC. But I don’t know if re-signing with the UFC is good for Nate. “

Abdelaziz also confirmed Luke’s desire to fight Nate or Nick Diaz. However, he understands the UFC and believes that a fight with his younger brother Diaz will only be possible if the 36-year-old agrees to a new promotion deal.

“But in the end I understand the essence of the matter. I understand the UFC’s point of view, but they know we want a fight, Nate wants a fight, but in the end they keep the contract. I can try my best, but I don’t know what they want to do. Vicente, 100 percent will fight Nate or Nick [Diaz]… “

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