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‘Diego Sanchez has clearly been taking advantage of me’ – MMA Root

Diego Sanchez broke up with coach and coach Joshua Fabia last week and now Fabia is talking about the UFC Hall of Famer.

Sanchez worked with Fabia for two years, but the relationship began to unfold after Sanchez withdrew from UFC Vegas 26 vs. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and was abruptly released from the promotion.

Fabia, the founder of the School of Self-Knowledge, became a controversial figure in unorthodox training methods and controversy. He has previously disagreed with the Nevada State Sports Committee over the “death drowning” technique, posted a video of a UFC production meeting accusing the UFC broadcaster of being unfair to him and Sanchez, as well as videos of fighters chasing a fighter. blade during training and punching and kicking Sanchez as he hung upside down.

Now that Sanchez has split with Fabia, Fabia has not lost time beating his former client.

“Diego was definitely a celebrity,” Fabia said in an interview with “Behind the Scenes” with Summer Helene. “He had some celebrity asshole tendencies. He did not like to roll over and did some weird things in front of me that you know, threw some red flags. But over time, I just talked to him, it seemed, as I said, things of fame. “

“Things like, you get a divorce and you have a child, but you get a one-bedroom apartment. Things didn’t make sense to me, but I think, ‘Okay, he has his own plans. He knows what he will do. Maybe it’s just temporary, as I do not know. “And I wonder why he drives a $ 3,000 Mercedes? Just questions that fly flags, but I think, ‘He’s telling me he’s austere. He’s making his money. OK.’

Fabia launched several charges against Sanchez, including attacks on Sanchez’s intelligence, and accused the opening winner of The Ultimate Fighter of being addicted.

“Of everything abroad, as a coach who sees someone three days a week – I mean, they transferred him to the band. I helped him in the divorce and this small moment and everything seemed almost the same as anyone else under these circumstances, to some extent. “

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“As I get more information, as I am with the lawyer and the lawyer talks to Diego and asks Diego about his training and starts talking about special education,” Fabia said. “Holy shit. Huge red flags, man. It is not at all what he perceived and Diego is nowhere near what one knows.

“And Diego was addicted. He has not told anyone for the last five months, I was his sponsor who lived with him, that I had to live there because he broke and lost all his money and fell into Kratom and alcohol and 30 other substances, that he has issues of sexual abuse. No, he didn’t say anything about it, man, and I kept it all. I did everything, and everyone comes to me. “

Fabia has been ridiculed by former Sanchez education partners, UFC President Dana White, and most people in the MMA industry. He now claims that Sanchez took advantage of him and that he has evidence to support his allegations.

“I’ll put it out there, I’ll put all the receipts, I’ll take out all the videos, man,” Fabia said. “Diego has been clearly exploiting me for two years, as I fight for him and I have myself on the line with zero benefit. I’m the one who gets death threats here. “

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