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Dirty Boxing Techniques To Use For Winning Real Street Fights

There are dirty fighting techniques that help one win a fight whether it is inside the ring or on the streets. The great thing about street fighting is that street fights are usually unexpected and street fighters don’t stop until they get what they want. This usually involves dangerous weapons and goes beyond what is not important. If you find yourself in this position, fighting for defense may be the only thing running through your brain and doing the things you need to do to survive.

Now if the situation allows a little more time to think and so on, there are a few techniques that the boxer should keep in mind. As already mentioned, these tips will work within the boxing ring. The first technique was the thumb to bicep technique. This is done when you recognize an opponent throwing a bribe in your direction; it might be hard enough for you to hit them in the face. It is instead recommended to throw a hook into its bicep firmly with your thumb in charge; this will give them Charlie’s horse a lot and make that hand useless. This is dirty trick number one.

Another great technique is called hooking the hip. Almost self-explanatory and not an illegal punch during a game, throw a hook into the opponent’s hip. This will temporarily dislodge them which will allow you to set up a more damaging blow. The next punch is an elusive elbow uppercut. Throw an uppercut but try to hit your angle on the opponent’s chest. This can hurt them, possibly destroying the wind, but may also touch their chin – allowing you to attack again.

The last technique is to punch a palm hook, which again has a self-explanatory look. This is when you throw a hook punch towards the opponent’s head or temple, even the ear, with the palm since the palm pad is not there while you are wearing boxing gloves.

There are some tips on some dirty boxing techniques performed in the ring, if any of these techniques are used outside the ring without gloves; of course they will be more painful and more harmful to any fighter who is on the receiving end. These are guaranteed to be effective, but it is not recommended to use them all the time in law games. Big boxers should not have to resort to such techniques, but that does not mean that other fighters will not try them. Be ready by all means!

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