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Do You Need Background Music for Presentation Videos?

I always like to have a good selection of background music for presentation videos, especially when doing a slide show presentation. My video demonstration is much easier due to a free music library to go there and download some nice instrumental music.

A nice piece of tool in the background makes a video more professional, I think.

What Type of Music File Should You Use?

It really depends on the type of video presentation you are creating. If you are making a very short video, less than two minutes for example, you can download some royalty-free music clips that are only a few seconds apart, split them together and change the music every few slides .

Or you can download longer music files and edit them to your preferred length.

Which Style or Music Genre is Best?

Again, it depends on the type of video you are creating. Here are a few examples:

I made a few videos about funerals and memorial services, so I got a couple of Easy Listening background music options for those. I didn’t want the music to be so slow and angular that it would make people cry, but I didn’t want it to be overjoyed or happy either.

When I produced my slide show videos about weddings, I used pieces that were cute but didn’t contain clips of a funny nature.

How to Know What’s Best?

The best thing to do is experiment. If you are using software such as Windows Live Movie Maker or similar, add your slides and background music to the program and see how the content and music fit together.

Sometimes you may need a few different clips depending on the length and content of your presentation.

Here’s a tip: Watch some ads or videos on YouTube that use background music to get an idea of ​​how the music makes the presentation better. Once you figure out how to use music to enhance your videos, you should be able to find something that fits your video perfectly.

When Background Music Can Be Used For Presentation Videos

Personally, I rarely add music to tutorial videos, as if I am doing a refined tutorial. And I rarely add music to videos where it’s just me on camera talking about a topic.

PowerPoint slide show videos are the best types of presentations to add instrumental background music to. And you should stay away from pieces that include voices because voices singing in the background may interfere with or interfere with the video itself.

But pure tools add to your presentation and give them a more professional quality.

Be careful with background music volume

If you’re using voice storytelling, or voicemail, in your presentation, you don’t want the music to add too much to the songs. You can use tools like Audacity to lower the size of the tools so that they are behind the voice narrative and not drowned out.

I watched some videos in which the music almost drowned the person speaking, and believe me, it ‘s pretty annoying. In fact, some visitors left comments about the video saying the music was too loud.

Where to Find Royalty Free Background Music

My favorite site ever is Kevin MacLeod’s site at I’ve always managed to get everything I need here, from any genre, any fog, any instrument to fit every video presentation I’ve made.

If you use Kevin ‘s royalty – free background music, be sure to give credit to the piece in the video description box or preferably, in a final slide so that it is visible to anyone else who may download or embed it in their blogs own.

This is the right credit to give, and you should use this format for any background pieces of music you use:

Background music:

“Title of the Piece of Music”

Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: Le Attribution 3.0

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