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Dug up some vintage pics of me at during my wrestling days at 17 years old Wat…

I dug out vintage photos of myself during my wrestling days at 17 🤼‍♂️ Watching the US Olympic Trials made me rethink about weight reduction and long tournament days. Despite the hyper masculine nature of the sport, our team was very welcoming and supportive. Our coach took the time to make sure we had an environment that celebrated hard work and inclusiveness. Today is also the first of my appearance on the @menkindpodcast with @mschakraverty and @watsoncomedian !!! We discuss my experiences with masculinity growing up as well as how my upbringing shaped my perception of gender norms. Michael encourages me to lend my voice to audiobooks, are you okay ?? What book would you like to hear me read? Comment below 👀 We had such a great time talking with them and were able to bring up topics that I haven’t had a chance to discuss publicly yet. Check it out on the @menkindpodcast or on my website (link in bio)

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