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Dustin Poirier Admits He ‘Jumped The Gun’ When Calling Out Conor McGregor’s Failure To Donate – MMA Root

Dustin Poirier regrets going public with Conor McGregor.

Dustin Poirier may have beaten Conor McGregor in the Octagon, but it looks like he’s taking an L in the Twitter feud. Poirier recently criticized McGregor for failing to deliver on a promise to donate $ 500,000 to his charity, “The Good Fight.” McGregor made the donation promise even before the two were ready to fight in Las Vegas on January 24. McGregor lost the fight and now has a problem with the allocation of his potential donation. Poirier called him on Twitter, McGregor responded, and a social media war started.

Things started to heat up and McGregor even announced that the trilogy fight was over. That is not the case, since then the UFC has now announced that the fight is ready. In light of the third scheduled meeting, Poirier wrote a kind of apology to fans on his Twitter.

“I am passionate about my charity as you all know.” Poirier wrote. “I jumped the gun and took private business between Conor and my public foundation. My mistake, we live, we learn. My goal is to spread positivity and do good! I feel like I’ve brought negative energy and personal opinions to something I’m working so hard on that it gives people a reason to cheer and smile. I will take it easy and continue fighting for the Good Fight. A new goal is coming soon, and it’s a big one. Thanks to everyone who is involved and to all the fans who believe in our vision ”.

Rather than carry this “bad blood” into the third fight, Poirier has decided to squash this dispute and move on. We’ll see if McGregor lets it go as easily as Poirier has. There will most likely be a back and forth between these two before the July 10 fight.

Do you think Dustin Poirier let Conor McGregor go too easy on this one?

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