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Dustin Poirier Signs McGregor Contract After Rejecting Oliveira Title Fight – MMA Root

Dustin Poirier put pen to paper today to finalize his decision to land Conor McGregor for his next fight in lieu of a title shot.

When Charles Oliveira vs. Michael Chandler was announced as the vacant fight for the UFC 262 lightweight championship, a question that had to be on the lips of many was: “What about Dustin Poirier?” Those who know and follow would have answered this question with the frequent name “Conor McGregor.”

In fact, the reason Dustin Poirier won’t fight for the title is not because he wasn’t offered the fight. Dana White himself recently confirmed it. It’s because Poirier made the decision for the trilogy to fight McGregor. Now we can also confirm through Poirier’s clapback that it was a fight against Charles Oliveira that Poirier rejected, not against Chandler.

“No, I turned down Olivera, you idiot,” Poirier responded to a fan who accused him of dodging Michael Chandler.

Dustin Poirier had already stated immediately after his sequel fight against McGregor that he would not consider fighting Chandler because he considered the UFC newcomer unworthy of a title fight. However, he seemed more than willing to fight Oliveira for the title. Surely, he’s still open to such an opportunity, but not as open to her as another night of red panties. Poirier left no doubt about this at the time he officially signed the contract to fight McGregor again starting Friday afternoon. according to an ESPN report.

With Poirier signed and McGregor verbally agreed, the trilogy fight for UFC 264 on July 10 is practically official. When the fight is 100% confirmed, as always, you’ll find the scoop here on

Did Dustin Poirier make the right decision by choosing a trilogy fight against Conor McGregor over a title fight?

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