Elizeu Zaleski wants extra $50,000 at UFC 267 after being snubbed of bonuses for wild finishes – MMA Root

Elizeu Zaleski wants extra $50,000 at UFC 267 after being snubbed of bonuses for wild finishes

Eliseu Zaleski has won eight of his last 10 UFC fights and has a few vicious wins, but he still didn’t impress Dana White enough to get his nighttime performance bonus.

Capoeira demonstrated their astounding prowess by knocking Sean Strickland in May 2018, deflecting the American with a swing hook, followed by punches. Four months later, Zaleski ended Luigi Vendramini’s night with a bright flying knee. Six months after that, Zaleski recorded an impressive streak of nine first-round wins for Curtis Millender. However, Zaleski did not receive the $ 50,000 bonus after the fight all three nights.

Zaleski told MMA Fighting that he hopes to turn things around that Saturday when he faces promoter Benoit Saint-Denis at UFC 267.

“Especially all this time, buddy, I’m in debt,” Zaleski laughed, indicating that a bonus check would be welcome. “I think they should look at me with more love. Man this is impossible [not to win bonuses] with these two performances [against Strickland and Vendramini], Right? But now everything has to happen, so let’s work on it. “

Zaleski has won three UFC Fight of the Night awards – his most recent award in 2017 – but has never received a Performance of the Night award based solely on his merit.

Fighting from Curitiba under the leadership of UFC and PRIDE veteran Cristiano Marcello, the Brazilian talent has not competed after a controversial split decision defeat from Muslim Salikhov in July 2020. Scheduled last year to take on Shavkat Rakhmonov, Zaleski wants to avoid further heart beats in Abu Dhabi by pulling out Saint Denis in less than 15 minutes.

“The strategy is designed so that you can find the perfect place to win,” Zaleski said. “If you have to go three rounds, cool, but you have to work so that you find points to serve or knock out, and that’s what I’m ready to do. I will do my best to no longer fall into the hands of the judges. “

Saint-Denis makes his UFC debut with a perfect 8-0 record, including a second-round choke victory over Zaleski’s teammate Luan Santiago in Brave CF 49 this March.

For Capoeira, this victory means nothing.

“He fought Miau, a super cool athlete, but I don’t think he fought Miau on his best day,” he said. “We know the qualities of Luana. Without diminishing the qualities of my opponent, I believe it will be a great fight. An undefeated fighter who is aiming for the finish line, I think we have everything to have one of the best fights on the map. “

Zaleski joked that he would not make an official prediction of how he will finish with Saint Denis at UFC 267 because he will share his strategy, but noted that “I see a lot of holes” in his game. The fact that Saint Denis is undefeated also adds “pressure” to rookie Zaleski’s shoulders, the Brazilian veteran said.

“It does not change anything [for me] because they always come with it [mindset] that they can’t be wrong, ”Zaleski said. “They have pressure. In my case, I think the most important thing is to show your best side there, to show that you are well prepared.

“Success is a combination of little things that you do every day, but only if you do it often. It won’t work if you break the loop. I remain active, looking for evolution all the time, looking for new techniques to add to my game. Each athlete is unique in his own way, like this opponent that I am going to fight, so there is a good chance that I will show a new weapon and a new game. “