Enhanced Safety Measures, Free Masks Provided for Fans Who Attend UFC 261 – MMA Root

The Ultimate Fighting Championship ensures that its first event in front of the fans from March 2020 will proceed as safely as possible.

UFC 261 will take place at the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, with no audience restrictions for the 15,000-seat venue. According to the offer, tickets for the event were sold out in a few minutes, breaking the record for the highest gross in the history of the arena.

It comes with improved COVID-19 protocols for fans watching UFC 261. The Las Vegas-based organization partnered with CLEAR to provide the company’s Health Pass service to fans. According to a statement, “Health Pass” is a free, mobile CLEAR experience that securely connects a user’s verified identity with multiple levels of COVID-19-related health information to reduce public health risk . “

Ticket buyers will be able to use the Health Pass to access a confidential COVID-19-related questionnaire. Those who do not wish to use the application will head to a kiosk outside the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena to complete a physical copy of the questionnaire.

Participants must complete the questions before the event, and those who have received a green notification in the Health Pass application will be given entry to the arena. Ticket holders whose responses result in a red alert will not be allowed to enter and will be informed about how to seek appropriate medical care as well as refund information.

According to a release, “more than 60 organizations across the country are using the Health Pass to create safer environments, including teams in all major sporting leagues.”

In addition, the offer partnered with O2 Industries to provide free face masks to fans attending both UFC 261 and UFC 262, scheduled for the Toyota Center in Houston on May 15. , per circulation.

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