“Even if I have to lift you off the ground, we will fight for the third time” – Patryk Kaczmarczyk wants another fight with Robert Ruchała

Patryk Kaczmarczyk posted an entry on his Instagram profile, referring to his lost duel with Robert Ruchała at the KSW 64 premiere.

Both actors faced off at the KSW 64 premiere and won by unanimous decision of the jury Robert Ruchala (5-0) It was his third consecutive victory in the KSW organization. Patryk Kaczmarczyk (7-1) posted a post on his Instagram profile calling for a third match between him and Ruchała.

Both fighters had the opportunity to fight each other in amateur MMA, after which Kaczmarczyk turned out to be better.

Would you like to see another duel between Robert Ruchała and Patryk Kaczmarczyk?

source: Instagram